Surgical Procedures on the Vagina CPT® Code range 57000- 57426

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code range for Surgical Procedures on the Vagina 57000-57426 is a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association.

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CPT® Code Range 57000- 57426

December 31, 1969
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December 31, 1969
Proposed rule improves payment rates incentives and ESRD treatment choices. Disadvantaged Medicare patients suffer from endstage renal disease ESRD at higher rates and are also more likely to be readm... [ Read More ]
December 31, 1969
Interim final rule lays groundwork for implementing No Surprises Act by 2022. On July 1 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services HHS Labor and Treasury and the Office of Personnel Management i... [ Read More ]
December 31, 1969
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December 31, 1969
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Good morning, I am trying to figure out what diagnosis code I should use for a plantar fascia rupture. This was not an injury, but more of a spontaneous rupture while walking. Everything I see is mor... [ Read More ]
Hi All! I think I might need Derm help on this to make sure I'm correct in my thinking, but it was done by Urology, so I'm asking here too in case anyone else has had a case like this. One of my docs... [ Read More ]
Do all of the following qualify as CTA exams? We are verifying that Coronal, sagittal and/or axial MIP reformatted images meet the criteria for CT Angiograms. Our radiologist also stated they quali... [ Read More ]
Hi All! I'm a Urology coder, but I think I need a little Derm expertise to make sure I'm correct in my thinking. One of my docs removed approximately 20 scrotal skin lesions - he called them Calcinos... [ Read More ]
Modifier KX for cpt code 64494? Medicare denied the code as bundled would a KX mod be allowed?... [ Read More ]
When an FQHC has a mobile unit the provider type is still 31, but is the place of service 50 since the FQHC location owns the mobile unit? Or is the place of service 15 for mobile unit?... [ Read More ]
My providers billers are billing PT codes on the same encounter as the Surgery claim. I thought these had to be on two seperate encounters with appropriate POS, Someone explain if something is differe... [ Read More ]
When an FQHC has a school-based health center the provider type (31) and place of service (50) would still be the same correct?... [ Read More ]
Hello Coding masters, Here is another one for discussion. Is it allowed to code for both Atrial Fibrillation I48.x and Secondary hypercoagulable state aka Other thrombophilia D68.69 ? Optum has a... [ Read More ]

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