Fluoroscopic Guidance CPT® Code range 77001- 77003

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code range for Radiologic Guidance 77001-77003 is a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association.

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CPT® Code Range 77001- 77003
Section 77001-77003
Fluoroscopic Guidance
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January 01, 1970
77003 is add-on code used for the following CPT according to the parenthetical note: (61050, 61055, 62267, 62270, 62272, 62273, 62280, 62281, 62282, 62284, 64510, 64517, 64520, 64610) I don't see an ... [ Read More ]
AMA CPT Assistant from 2008 states that 64400-64450 would correspond with 77002, and it is known that CMS NCCI bundle CPT 77002 with the majority of these codes. CPT 77003 would not be used in conjunc... [ Read More ]
My physician bills 77003 with 64450. I checked the CCI edits and they bundle 77001 and 77002 into 64450. However, there is nothing on 77003. It seems strange to me that 77001/77002 would be bundled... [ Read More ]
Per the 2015 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule that was published in the November 2014 Federal Register: [INDENT]After considering comments received, we are finalizing CPT codes 62310, 62311, 62318, an... [ Read More ]
[QUOTE="Zina, post: 338347, member: 47625"]CMS must have made the decision to include 77003 in 62311 and 62310 after the book was published, they are not paying any of ours. Per Part B insider, they r... [ Read More ]
Below some things that I noticed when I scrolled through 2015 Physician final rule. Thought I would share some notable changes. [url]http://www.ofr.gov/OFRUpload/OFRData/2014-26183_PI.pdf[/url] Pa... [ Read More ]
Based upon our analysis of the Medicare claims data and comments received on the CY 2014 final rule with comment period, it appears that these codes are typically furnished with imaging guidance. Th... [ Read More ]
There is nothing in the CPT descriptor nor from ACR stating that there need (or have) to be perm/stored/archived images for 77002/77003. There is info stating that 76937 (and 77001 per ACR) must have ... [ Read More ]
Fluoroscopic guidance needs to be clearly documented in the medical record as is necessary for any billable charge. Per CPT description 77001 DOES require radiographic documentation of final image. ... [ Read More ]
I'll admit I do not frequently code GI endoscopies however this information may be helpful. If radiologic supervision and interpretation were performed related to CPT 43247, CPT code 74235 would be u... [ Read More ]