HCPCS Codes Lookup

HCPCS is an acronym for Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS). When medical coders and billers talk about HCPCS codes, they’re actually referring to HCPCS Level II codes. HCPCS Level II is the national procedure code set for healthcare practitioners, providers, and medical equipment suppliers when filing health plan claims for medical devices, supplies, medications, transportation services, and other items and services.

Among medical code sets, HCPCS Level II is the most dynamic. CMS updates HCPCS Level II codes throughout the year, based on factors that include public input and feedback from providers, manufacturers, vendors, specialty societies, Blue Cross, and others. All these updates are just one reason why you need Codify by AAPC to boost your productivity and hone your reporting accuracy.

Using flexible search with exact-keyword and related results, you’ll find the right code faster. In addition to allowing you to search by keyword, code, or code range, Codify offers numerous advantages to medical coders, including:

  • Space to check up to 25 HCPCS codes at a time
  • Tens of thousands of lay terms for HCPCS, CPT®, and ICD-10-CM
  • CPT® to HCPCS crosswalks
  • National Drug Code to CPT®/HCPCS crosswalks
  • Presentation by Code Chapters, which are then broken into Categories
  • Updates every quarter so you have the latest codes

Subscribe to Codify and get the code details in a flash.

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