HCPCS Codes Lookup


Codify is important to medical coders navigating the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) Level II code set because of all it helps you accomplish.

HCPCS Level II touches all types of coding in many settings thanks to its inclusion of supply, service, drug, ambulance, nuclear medicine, quality reporting, durable medical equipment, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicaid, pathology and laboratory, glasses and hearing aids, and other codes. This government coding system is updated throughout the year, making it the most dynamic code set.

Because so many coding and billing rules define how the more than 6,000 alphanumeric codes will be used to report claims and the quality of services being performed, it helps to have an electronic tool like Codify to enable speedy, accurate reimbursement. In addition to allowing you to search by keyword, code, or code range, Codify offers these advantages to medical coders:

  • Presentation by Code Chapters, which are then broken into Categories
  • Based on AAPC's unique expanded HCPCS Level II Index and Table of Drugs
  • Updates every quarter so you have the latest codes
  • Add-ons that include lay descriptions, fee schedule, and other resources
  • Complete set of HCPCS Level II modifiers
  • Payment and other information unique to each code

Subscribe to Codify and get the code details in a flash.

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