1. M

    Wiki CIRCC exam

    hello everyone, Anyone tried taking the exam this year? I'm taking it this coming October, and man I'm nervous to death! I bought the study guide and the practice exam, I've read some previous post and there were people who were taking it several times already. Makes me more nervous. I really...
  2. S

    Wiki 2016 G-Codes, Definitive Drug Testing, G0480, G0481, G0482, & G0483 OPINIONS PLEASE!

    New 2016 G Codes for Drug Testing, G0480, G0481, G0482, & G0483 OPINIONS PLEASE! When using codes G0480, G0481, G0482, & G0483 it's my understanding that you do not and can not bill these codes with more than one unit. I've read the description for all codes and that's the only way I...
  3. B

    Wiki Medical Coding Training: CPC 2016 Chapter Answers

    I can't find the answer key for the Chapters in the back of the book. Can someone tell me there to find them?
  4. jkyles

    Wiki Drug screen claims on hold

    It's not you, it's the edit. https://www.cms.gov/Outreach-and-Education/Outreach/FFSProvPartProg/Provider-Partnership-Email-Archive-Items/2016-01-28-eNews.html#_Toc441643998 "CMS discovered systems errors affecting claims with new drug testing laboratory codes (HCPCS codes G0477 through G0483)...
  5. J

    Wiki 2016 Physician Fee schedule

    I deal with IP but I am trying to help a friend who is a new coder, the medical practice has a new owner/manager in the process of changing EHR. Is there an easy place to find the 2016 Physician Fee Schedule; the CMS website is making me dizzy. Thanks JC
  6. P

    Wiki New VNG code for Audiologists

    I work for an Audiology practice in Southern California and we are billing with the new VNG code 92537 which replaces 92543 (4) units. This change was recommended by the American Speech Language Association and the American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. I verified in the 2016...
  7. S

    Wiki established pt. - consult

    I work in an Oncology clinic and our Dr. has been seeing a pt. for Multiple Myeloma which is now in remission. His last follow-up on that problem was in Jan. of 16. He has done a Consult (99205), Jan. 2016 on the same pt. for another Dr. for a different dx. (prostate cancer). Can you charge...
  8. K

    Wiki 82075 Not on 2016 PFS?

    Hello! I work for a substance abuse treatment facility with a lab and we bill UAs and BACs on a regular basis. We started getting rejects on the 82075 code from Aetna as not eligible for payment. The code is still listed in the 2016 CPT so we thought we were good. However, when I checked the...
  9. W

    Wiki Billing multiple years on the same claim form

    Can you bill for a DOS in year 2015 on the same claim form as a DOS in 2016?
  10. D

    Wiki Question regarding 2016 CPC Certification Exam .

    Based on the following statement on the CMS website, can anyone tell me if the 2016 CPC certification exam include questions regarding external causes of morbidity? "Similar to ICD-9-CM, there is no national requirement for mandatory ICD-10-CM external cause code reporting. Unless you are...
  11. P

    Wiki Individual Plans in Texas 2016 and Reimbursement

    Now that 2016 is here, there are no PPO options for individual insurances here in Texas except in extremely rare cases. Of course the Insurance Agents have clearly been misrepresenting the EPO plans as "participating in the PPO network." Our private practice is only contracted for PPO plans...
  12. P

    Wiki New vaccine code for 90646 ????

    I am getting rejections for vaccine 90646 saying it is not a valid code for 2016. Any idea what is the new code for this vaccine???/
  13. I

    Wiki CPT changes: An insider's view 2016

    Hi, happy Friday to all ! I am wondering if anyone has access to the Insider for 2016 and if so, would you share the update regarding 81311 please? It's the new NRAS code in Molecular Pathology. Last year we were using 81404. Thanks! Megan
  14. A

    Wiki Medicare In patient only list

    Does anyone have a direct link to the Medicare In-patient only list for 2016?
  15. A

    Wiki New CPT Codes for 2016?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any websites listing new CPT codes for 2016? Thanks!
  16. C

    Wiki Physician Billing for Drug screens in 2016

    I bill for a pain management office who routinely perform in office (cups) drug screening for patients on RX narcotic meds. We would normally bill G0434-QW for such tests, but now I'm getting rejections for this. I know CMS did away with this code and replaced with several others. I started...
  17. H

    Wiki new codes for 2016

    does anyone have a cheat sheet on the new codes and deleted ones for this year that you can share please
  18. B

    Wiki ICD 10 CM Updates in 2016

    Has anyone seen anything official as to whether or not there will be any updates to ICD 10 CM in October, 2016? All I can find is the CMS notice that updates were frozen until 10/2016. Thanks!
  19. H

    Wiki Interventional Radiology Billing/Charge Sheet 2016

    Hello; I am looking for an updated charge/billing sheet for 2016 Interventional Radiology. Can someone please point me in the direction as to where I can find/buy it? Thank you so much for any guidance.
  20. J

    Wiki G6021 for EMR needs 2 codes

    Can you please help me how to enter the charges in the HCFA form if we have to use those 2 codes like 45378 and G6021 to indicate this is and EMR colonoscopy for medicare patient, how would you enter the $ amount, as we know we cannot bill CPT45390. Medicare will not pay new codes for DOS in...
  21. C

    Wiki 2016 CPC Exam

    Hello and Happy New Year! I'm sitting for the CPC Exam on April 9 2016! I have my RCC and my ICD 10 proficiency credential and ive been coding for 7 years. I have a few co-workers who are not coders that took the exam and passed and gave me the following tips: study the guidelines in the...
  22. A

    Wiki Aborted Colonoscopy

    In the 2015 CPT book, I was informed in multiple meetings that the "Colonoscopy Decision Tree" found right before the Sigmoidoscopy section was incorrect. I was told that when the colonoscopy didn't reach the splenic flexure, we were supposed to still bill the colonoscopy but with the...
  23. V

    Wiki CPC exam 2016

    I am taking my initial CPC cert exam soon and I do not know what manuals to use for 2015 or 2016 editions? ICD-9 or ICD-10? I am new to this arena and understand that the ICD-10 is now in place of the ICD-9 correct? Thanks in advance.
  24. D

    Wiki 2016 ICD-10-CM Missing Pages

    I opened my 2016 ICD-10-CM manual tonight to review it, etc., and as I was taking the quiz from the front of the book I came up on the fact that I have several missing pages in the INDEX TO DISEASES AND INJURIES. I am missing pages 271 through 334. I'm curious as to whether anyone else has...
  25. A

    Wiki 2016 Medicare Tier Pricing/ Other Insurances

    I am trying to find out what insurances have decided to follow CMS and their Tier Pricing for 2016? I have spent the past few days contacting insurances, however most of them are either clueless, or just tell me that they're not making any changes "as of yet" After a nightmare in 2015 with...