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    Wiki Myodesis to metatarsal stumps

    CPT? Patient had partial amputation of right foot and came back to the operating suite for delayed primary closure, rotational skin flap and "Myodesis of intrinsic muscles to metatarsal stumps". I'm okay up until the myodesis. What I've read is that this is attaching the muscle to the bone and...
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    Wiki Midfoot Amputation

    Is 28800 or 28805 the right code for midfoot amputation? OP note attached
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    Wiki Forefoot Amputation Specimen - 88305 or 88307?

    Can anyone provide me with evidence to use either 88305 (amputation of toe) or 88307 (amputation of foot) for a forefoot amputation (all toes resected at the metatarsal, submitted as one specimen). It is NOT a whole foot specimen. Thanks!
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    Wiki Tibial Turn Up

    Does anyone have experience with billing/coding for a Tibial Turn Up procedure? I cannot find any coding information regarding this procedure. Our payer is not favorable of the unlisted code. Any information is appreciated. Thank you!
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    Wiki sepsis with BKA amputation

    sepsis can anyone help out coding sepsis with recent amputation infection? thanks,
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    Wiki Infectious Disease management post amputation

    When treating a patient with antibiotics after an amputation for osteomyelitis, is it appropriate to continue coding the osteomyelitis during the immediate follow-up? Similar to a patient who is being treated for cancer with chemotherapy after the cancer tissue has been removed? Thank you! Tianne
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    Wiki Guillotine Amputation

    I have a physician who is doing a partial amputation of the great toe that he calls a guillotine amputation. He documents that the bone is osteotomized just distal to the interphalangeal joint. What CPT code would you use? Thanks, Alicia, CPC
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    Wiki Transmetatarsal amputation of the foot

    Is a transmetatarsal amputation of the foot (not just toe), non-traumatic, 88307 or 88305? Padget does not discuss this distinction for the foot. I recall finding something about it at one time supporting 88307, but for the life of me, I now can't locate the information. Help!