Wiki Forefoot Amputation Specimen - 88305 or 88307?

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Can anyone provide me with evidence to use either 88305 (amputation of toe) or 88307 (amputation of foot) for a forefoot amputation (all toes resected at the metatarsal, submitted as one specimen).
It is NOT a whole foot specimen.

forefoot amputation

Sorry but I disagree (with 88305) - a forefoot amputation is a solid Level V (88307). We have already discussed this coding issue in great length with my pathology team long ago and that is what we bill every time.

Also if a toe amputation is presented for "review for possible osteomyelitis" it would be a also be a Level V (88307). I always look to see if a decalcification was performed. Knock on wood but this "usually" is a tell tale sign that a bone biopsy was actually performed versus a toe amputation (non traumatic) where I work at. Where they evaluate an ulcer and depth and no decal is done.

If it's because someone had a complication and had their toe removed; then yes I will apply the 88305 especially if no decalcification was performed.
Otherwise, please don't be afraid to review the operative if you have access to it and to question it when coding. I also code anesthesia and review the operatives before I get to the pathology charges which I believe assists my team in billing the correct level of service.

Dana Chock
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