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Patient had partial amputation of right foot and came back to the operating suite for delayed primary closure, rotational skin flap and "Myodesis of intrinsic muscles to metatarsal stumps".
I'm okay up until the myodesis. What I've read is that this is attaching the muscle to the bone and that it is included when done with amputation. But, since this is done at a later date, what CPT would I use for the myodesis?
Would it be considered complex repair? If so, that would bundle with the secondary closure.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Tobi C.
I'm thinking this is going to have to be an unlisted code. I wouldn't use the complex repair codes because these codes are located in the skin/subcutaneous area of the CPT book. Your provider is performing a procedure much deeper than the skin/subcutaneous tissue.

I use a coding software called 3M Encoder. When I look up a muscle repair to skeletal attachment it leads me to an unlisted code (20999). I then tried to find a code for a secondary closure of amputation stump of the foot. However, unfortunately, there is no code for this under foot. So, if you went this route, it'd be the unlisted code for the foot (28899).

Either way I don't believe there is a code for the myodesis procedure your provider performed.