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    Wiki Assistant at Surgery

    I have been having a discussion with my OBGyn providers about the documentation required for Assistant at surgery (Modifier 80). I have been telling them, based on what I have found and read in various articles, that they need to include documentation of why an assistant was needed and what the...
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    Hello, I am looking for some guidance for a new Spine Doctor that has recently joined the orthopedic practice I work for. Dr. S is our Spine surgeon and he has been assisting another physician, Dr. Y on some spine surgeries. Dr. Y is a neurosurgeon. I have two questions, the first would be...
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    Wiki CPT 33361 and 33362, TAVR and -AS claims to Medicare

    I have had issues getting payment for surgical assist claims for the TAVR procedures, CPT 33361 and 33362. The Medicare fee schedule designates status indicator 0, meaning the procedure is sometime reimbursed for an assist. Per Medicare manual these codes require -Q0 and -62. When billing a...
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    Wiki HELP! using modifier 62 and 80 on the same claim and getting denials

    Can anyone give feedback or help me find documentation on billing co-surgeon and assist on the same claim. In Appendix A of the AMA CPT book, modifier 62 states if a co-surgeon acts as an assistant in the performance of additional procedures, other than those reported with modifier 62, during...
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    Wiki Can you bill 20985-AS

    Hi friends- I have a question about billing assistant surgeon. My surgeon is starting to utilize 20985 in his total joint surgeries. My question is, when billing his PA as an assistant to surgery, am I able to bill 20985- AS, or should I leave out the imaging code for the assistant since it...
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    Wiki physician assistant as referring or use her supervising physician for audiology

    Requesting some help on physician assistant billing and compliance. The physician assistant is filing under her own information for a evaluation and management visit because her supervising physician is out of the office. She sees a new patient and determines they need audiological testing. The...
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    Wiki subchondroplasty for assistant surgeons

    the new Zimmer subchondroplasty procedure that uses an unlisted code 27599 we are having trouble with reimbursement and especially for the assistant surgeon. Has anyone has any experience or recommendations for this procedure? Thanks in advance
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    Wiki Billing for second assistant at surgery

    Hi I'm hoping someone can help me locate documentation regarding Medicare and billing for a second assistant at surgery: does Medicare reimburse for this? I can't find anything definitive on my carrier's website (Palmetto GBA), nor on the CMS website. Thanks for any help you can provide! Carrie
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    Wiki Billing for Assistant Surgeon

    We are large academic facility and bill surgeries utilizing the 80 and 82 modifiers. Can someone tell me if you reduce your usual fee for the assistant surgeons or do you bill as normal and let the modifier dictate your reimbursement? Thanks, B