billing and reimbursment

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    Wiki Fee for ACL reconstruction allograft

    Our ASC facility wants to determine UCR reimbursement for the allograft material used in ACL reconstruction (coded with C1762), separate from the reimbursement for the actual reconstruction work coded by CPT 29888. How can I determine the reimbursement rate? Thank you!
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    Wiki Anthem OV Denials

    Hello, we have been having a ton of anthem claims being denied because of 99213 being bundled with Medicare (MIPS) codes. IE, G8427, G9903, G8417. The claims are sent electronic and the values for all of them are 0.00. We have tried getting and answer but no one at Anthem seems to understand...
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    Wiki Help with TB coding

    Hello coders! Need help coding this scenario: TB nurse visit patient presents for labs and complains of orange urine and yellow eyes. Payers are Medicaid and Medicare. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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    Wiki 99211 on same day as injection and pregnancy test

    Hello coders! Please help clarify so I can settle the dispute with the NP and WHNP in my office. A patient came in and was seen by the CMA for pregnancy test and depo injection. The pregnancy was negative. Can we bill a 99211 with the depo injection and the pregnancy test? Please explain...
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    Wiki Billing E/M codes - new vs established

    Hello coders! If a patient has been seen in the same clinic for GYN with a different doctor and returns for a different program service area (STD) and different doctor.... how would this be coded? New or Established? My thoughts it would be coded as an established visit regardless of what...
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    Wiki COVID Uninsured Program

    My office is taking part of the HRSA Covid Uninsured Program for re-imbursement for our self-pay patients. I created the claim just as specified but could not locate a group number. Therefore, I used none and now the claim has kicked back. Has anyone successfully submitted a claim to them, if...
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    Wiki Telehealth Consent Duration -Missouri

    Does anyone know the Missouri requirements regarding consent for telehealth services? Does this need to be obtained/documented prior to each telehealth visit or is it good for a period of time? Thank you!
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    Wiki CPC-a looking for remote coding CPT heavy or Florida Hospital Flagler loc.

    I am newly certified, but have 25 years experience in accounting, auditing, management and improving efficiency/accuracy of employees. I am looking for a remote position that I can perform days/nights/weekends, either 1 full time or multiple part time/contract positions. If I cannot get remote...
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    Wiki Pre Employment Billing & Reimbursement Skills Test

    I'm looking for a pre-employment Billing and Reimbursement skills test. We are creating a new team for billing and A/R follow up. In the past, this has been outsourced. Thanks in advance. Diane