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    HCPCS book and CPC EXAM

    Good Morning, I am scheduled to take the CPC EXAM in a few weeks and I don't have the HCPCS book. The exam layout states that 5 questions are designated for this book. Did you find this book helpful for the EXAM? The reason I ask is because its over $50 and I'm not sure if it would be worth it...
  2. B

    Medical Coding Training: CPC 2016 Chapter Answers

    I can't find the answer key for the Chapters in the back of the book. Can someone tell me there to find them?
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    Coc exam

    I have been billing/coding for almost 15 years. I did not pass the COC in November. I got a 47% on the Medicare payment section. It brought my score too low to pass. I was wondering if there is another help or COC for dummies type of book I could read? I have all the pre tests and the...
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    z34 and gestational codes

    In the 2015 icd 10 book I have it says that gestational codes go with only Chapter 15 codes. Someone has brought to my attention in the icd 10 2016 book it's says you can have gestational codes with z34 codes? Is this correct. Thank you, April
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    Wiki Tear

    Hi all, Can anyone explain for Non-traumatic posterior horn of medial meniscus Tear as i confused to find the code for this cause. If it is for Traumatic we have to take code in ICD 10 code book. For non-traumatic?
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    Question about chapter 21 in the ICD-10

    We will be starting a travel clinic here at the University and one of our providers was given a list of diagnosis's to use for different vaccines. I can't find them in any coding book for the ones we give now we use Z23. The list she received has codes Z24-Z29.9. Does anyone know anything...
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    CRNAs and labor epidurals

    I have a question about labor epidurals and a issue that keeps surfacing in my office. Labor epidurals can't be split by anesthesioligist and CRNA, whoever places the labor epidural should be the one paid. I remember reading somewhere 'he who places the catheter gets paid'. I thought I...
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    Toxicology codes

    I'm confused on the drug screen codes. Medicare deleted g6030-g6058 but they are still in hcpcs book.
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    Influenza A and B positive result

    Should we code J09.x2 for influenza A (w/resp. manifestion), then separately report influenza B (w/respiratory manifestation) with code J01.1? There is no specific code for influenza B that I can find in my ICD10 book. This patient was diagnosed with both types. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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    Guide Book

    Can someone please recommend a good General Surgery Guidebook for coding? Thank you!
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    Practice management book(s)

    I have recently gone from coder to practice manager, and I love the challenge. I purchased the book "Medical Practice Management System" by Linda Nadeau and it has been an invaluable source of knowledge. It has been recommended that I get the book "Secrets of the Best Run Practices" by Judy...