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I have been billing/coding for almost 15 years. I did not pass the COC in November. I got a 47% on the Medicare payment section. It brought my score too low to pass. I was wondering if there is another help or COC for dummies type of book I could read? I have all the pre tests and the practice handout book, but I feel like it's not enough and I honestly I'm very upset I did not pass in November. I was very anxious before the test, I had never been to the building or area the test was in and the clock was wrong in the class room so I finished too early and didn't realize it till the last hour of the test and by then I had a migraine and wanted out of there.

I'm scheduled to take it again in February...I would like to pass it this time. Any help is appreciated.



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Well now you know where the test area is and what the room is like so that should help reduce the anxiety. I have a cheap stopwatch that I used so I knew how far in I was at all times. You cant trust there to be a clock, or even if yiu can see it from where you end up sitting. You don't want to have to strain your neck to see the clock.

You will need to do what ever you can to decrease the chances of a migraine or anxiety by getting good sleep or through pharmaceutical methods. I have bad test anxiety made worse by anxiety of being trapped with a bunch of strangers (surprising considering I can spend 15 hours in a plane with no problem). I ended up getting RX from my Doctor for anxiety pills which I took daily leading up to the test and then weaned off them once I got my score.

Its always good to take timed practice exams to simulate the testing environment. Library would work as it may better simulate being in the room.