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    Wiki Got a 68% on my first test...waiting on results for my 2nd test.

    I am more nervous than the first time I took the test. I was wondering how many of you passed the second time? I'm currently waiting on my results, last time I took it, it took the full 10 days to get my score!! I am hoping I get my score sooner this time.
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    Wiki Coc exam

    I have been billing/coding for almost 15 years. I did not pass the COC in November. I got a 47% on the Medicare payment section. It brought my score too low to pass. I was wondering if there is another help or COC for dummies type of book I could read? I have all the pre tests and the...
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    Wiki Cascc exam

    I Tried so hard on the exam and still failed. Can any one here give me some advise of how or what need to study in order to pass the exam? Thank you!
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    Wiki How many correct to pass?

    Does anyone know what the minimum score is to pass? By my math, which I suck at, I came out with 60/75 at that right, or am I wrong? 75 questions, minus have to get at least 60 questions correct??
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    Wiki ICD-10 Assessment - I was wondering what the score

    Hi I was wondering what the score has to be to pass the ICD-10 test? Thank You