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    Wiki Nuclear Medicine 78452

    Hello, I am billing 78452, 93015, A9500 w/2 units, J2785 w/ 4 units, however EOBs from Medicare are coming back with two service lines, ex J2785 and 93015. We do the Nuclear Stress Tests in office and we just got accrediation. Is there additional information needed. I also added the invoice...
  2. D

    Wiki Interventional Cardiology Help!

    Hello, I have started to work at for a private cardiology clinic that also does interventional cardiology. I have self-taught this specific field so that I can be ready for it, and unfortunately I was thrown in without any mentors or the training of the previous coder/biller. I had a question...
  3. A

    Wiki Electrophysiology Study Help

    Hi, I need help with figuring out the coding for an EP study that one of my physicians performed recently and is now asking me what codes I will be using. I am stumped on how to code this procedure, and have even asked a coworker for help who is also just as stumped as me. Please see below for...
  4. A

    Wiki APRN and PA Hospital Billing

    Hi there! I work at a cardiology group that currently has 12 physicians and one APRN and one PA. I was questioned by one of my physicians today on how to go about coding hospital consults and followups when the physician AND the APRN were together physically seeing each patient. How would these...
  5. A

    Wiki How Many Procedural Cases a Day is the Norm?

    Hi! I was wondering for a medical coder who works at a private practice for cardiology (interventional, general, and EP) and is the only coder for 14 providers what the norm would be for the amount of reports being submitted a day? I only code for hospital procedures. So I am doing all of the...
  6. A

    Wiki billing 93306 and 93015

    Can echo 93306 and stress test 93015 be billed together during a office visit? Does require any modifier? It seems like insurance request medical record every time we bill these two together. thank you
  7. K

    Wiki RV/LV Mass ICD 10

    Hello, What would the ICD-10 code be for RV/LV mass?
  8. M

    Wiki Coding Echos-dilated IVC

    Hi, When coding an Echo I keep seeing the following 2 statements: IVC is dilated with abnormal (<50%) collapse and IVC is dilated with normal collapse Can someone advice if and how they would code the ICD 10's for this? I am having some confusion, upon researching this. Thank you
  9. M

    Wiki Coding Echos-systolic function

    Hi everyone, I am now coding complete echos (93306) at my job and have a question in regards to coding systolic function. When the estimated LVEF is greater than 70% and documented as “hyperdunamic systolic function” would I50.20 be the correct ICD 10? (Unspecified systolic heart failure). I...
  10. M

    Wiki PLEASE HELP! - EKG Reporting

    Our organization started an outpatient Cardiology department about a year ago, and our cardiologists are sub-contracted through a different company and rotate through, but we do all the billing. I currently have a cardiologist who is refusing to write any kind of a report, even in the patient's...
  11. M

    Wiki Cardiology dx codes

    Hi! When you are coding a specialty such as cardiology PRO FEE services, do you use just the dx codes that the cardiolgist is treating? Or do you add all of the other dx codes also? ie: pt has HTN, COPD, CHF, Ulcer on bottom of foot, generalized anxiety, Neoplasm unsp. breast, CKD, DM and...
  12. E

    Wiki Office Anesthesia

    When diagnostic aortagram, angiogram, pacemaker changes, and similar procedures are performed in an Office suite (POS 11) do you have any issues with reimbursement to the CRNA's who provide anesthesia and bill separately from the facility for their services ? (State of Missouri)
  13. V


  14. D

    Wiki Help please- Proper documentation for Stress Echo with 93325 and 93320

    I code for a Cardiology practice that frequently performs Stress Echo's in the clinic. I bill 93351, but I am having trouble finding guidelines on billing 93325 and 93320. Their reports do not specifically state that Doppler or Color flow was used. I know it is best practice for the providers to...
  15. H

    Wiki primary procedures for cpt code 93571

    I am having alot of denials for this code saying the primary procedure must be billed? What are some examples other than the ones mentioned in the CPT book.
  16. C

    Wiki 93299 Deleted

    is there a code in place of this one for the tech?
  17. P

    Wiki CPT 33285

    Can someone please offer some knowledge on this cpt code. 33285. (This is for Professional claims) NY state(NYC) We have been billing Empire BCBS( Mainly mediblue) for this service both inpatient and outpatient. Under BCBS policy the dx that we have been billing Z86.73 or R55 are allowed per...
  18. A

    Wiki Post-Op External Pacing

    Good Morning! Is there a cpt code for post-op *external* pacing of a 3rd degree heart block? Background: The patient is 16 day s/p TGA Transposition and VSD repair w a resultant 3rd degree heart block. Atrial and Ventricular pacing wires were placed during the procedure and the patient's...
  19. L

    Wiki Please help! Is this renal billable?

    Impressions Two-vessel coronary artery disease Severe in-stent restenosis within mid RCA Positive FFR of RCA Successful cutting balloon angioplasty to mid RCA with 3.0 x 10 mm Wolverine balloon Elevated LV filling pressure Abdominal aortography with runoff showing no severe renal artery stenosis...
  20. D

    Wiki CARDIAC CATH REPORT... help!!

    My office manager codes all of the procedures and she's on vacation... She also took our coding books with her so I can't look anything up. My first time coding procedures and I need help with one! I'm having trouble choosing the correct codes by the EMR program descriptions. Does anyone have a...
  21. X

    Wiki 93015 Medicare Denial

    Hi everyone! Our practice is new to cardiology coding. We are continuing to get Medicare denials for CPT code 93015. The denial code is N-182 "This claim/service must be billed according to the schedule for this plan." I appreciate any and all support, advice, or assistance! Thanks...
  22. B

    Wiki Caridovascular Codes - Help

    Please help me! :confused: My cardiovascular coder is out if the office this week and of course a client needs urgent coding for authorizations. Can someone help me with the below descriptions? Again, these are for obtaining authorizations so there is no procedure report. Separate cases: 1...
  23. C

    Wiki Clinical Trial help

    I have a patient who had a Wise CRT system battery insertion. I know this a clinical trial but I have no idea how to code it. Has anyone ever heard of this or ever billed it out? Does anyone know where I can find information on this? Thanks in Advance!!
  24. baroquecoder

    Wiki 99211 with 93284

    Verifying the appropriateness of billing a 99211 with 93284; Patient is seen by MA, no BP done, brief HPI and statement that 93284 was performed. No other details. No report for the 93284 and no signature by MD. I realize the 99211 would require a mod 25, but is this an appropriate usage of...
  25. C

    Wiki 99152 Moderate Sedation Guidelines?

    Can someone PLEASE provide the proper guidelines in billing moderate sedation code 99152? Our Dr performs a heart cath. He does NOT push the sedation meds himself. The person who actually does push the meds, is NOT an employee within the same practice. He/She is an employee of the hospital. My...
  26. C

    Wiki 99152 Proper Billing Guidelines PLEASE!

    Can someone PLEASE provide the proper guidelines in billing moderate sedation code 99152? Our Dr performs a heart cath. He does NOT push the sedation meds himself. The person who actually does push the meds, is NOT an employee within the same practice. He/She is an employee of the hospital. My...
  27. S

    Wiki 93000 vs 93005 vs 93010

    When billing for an internist, if an EKG is performed with I & R on the same day, does 93000 include everything? When would you bill 93005 and/or 93010?
  28. S

    Wiki Cardiology Question: Nuclear Report Coding

    In a Nuclear Cardiology Report: Indications: CAD and Cardiomyopathy Results: Inferoseptal wall myocardial scar and reversible ischemia It was coded as CAD (I25.10) and Cardiomyopathy (I42.9). Is this correct?
  29. S

    Wiki Echo 2d, complete

  30. S

    Wiki Ultrasound: abdomen & renal coding help

    I have a few questions on an issue we are seeing on Ultrasound’s that are done. Our Cardio Docs will do the reading on abdominal aorta and the renal ultrasounds. Our question is this… 1) The dictation states “Complete Duplex Scan of abdominal aorta with 2D Imaging, color flow and spectral...
  31. LoriCox

    Wiki Experienced Remote Cardiology Coder Needed

    Medkoder is looking for an experienced cardiology certified professional coder with extensive knowledge of diagnostic cardiology coding and E/M. This is a FT Remote permanent position that offers the opportunity to work a flexible schedule. Qualifications: Education/Cert: A minimum of a...
  32. C

    Wiki Implantable and Wearable Cardiac Device Evaluations

    Hello, I have come across an account where the patient was charged 93284, 93297, and 93299 all on the same date. The patient just happened to have an in person check the same day his remote interrogations took place. Is there any reason for these codes to bundle? I am unable to find a CCI edit...
  33. V

    Wiki Fetal Echo

    For fetal echos and was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping me-I code for ped cardio & we do many fetal echos in office - from my understanding the coding should be 76825 & 76827 complete & 76826 &76828 follow up or limited (+93325 doppler) That being said if we do a complete fetal echo...
  34. M

    Wiki ICD10 Code for Non-ischemic Cardiomyopathy

    What is the appropriate ICD10 code for non-ischemic cardiomyopathy? It doesn't seem like it should be the unspecified code for cardiomyopathy. Would the code I42.8 other cardiomyopathies be the best code? Thanks!
  35. M

    Wiki Left circumflex stent balloon angioplasty

    Can someone help me with this??? First time coding this procedure. I see 93454 but there is no mention of stent placement
  36. K

    Wiki Learning to code cardiology/endovascular

    This is new territory to me and I am trying to figure out the best way to learn more about this specialty of coding. Can anyone give me guidance on how to train/practice in this field. Any particular online class, book, or study guide I can look into? Your advice and input will be greatly...
  37. J

    Wiki Billing Observation Codes

    My Cardiologist see's patients as observation at the hospital frequently and is not the admitting/attending Dr and he bills 99212-99215. Some insurances state that 99212-99215 is an OV and charges the patients a copay. If I can not bill a new patient code 99201-99205 or a consult 99241-99245...
  38. C

    Wiki CIRCC vs CCC - thoughts?

    I'm thinking of getting an additional certification and would appreciate some advice. I've been a CPC for about 10 years and have coded Cardiology/Cardiovascular on/off the last 15 years, and I've been doing Cardiology and interventional Cardiology pretty steadily for the last 2.5 years for 4...
  39. J

    Wiki Cardiology codes for vein mapping?

    Does anyone know a specific code for lower extremity vein mapping? This is the first time I have seen that documented by my cardiology group.
  40. L

    Wiki FT Coder needed for cardiology practice in San Antonio, TX

    Full time medical coder needed for cardiology practice in the medical center. Experience in cardiology is preferred --- Compensation is based on experience Is a work on site position Please fax resumes to 210-253-6717 or email to thank you!!
  41. K

    Wiki Cardiology Coding Help

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of some good cardiology coding websites or book's? I'm new to Cardiology Coding and looking to get more education on the subject. Thanks!
  42. B

    Wiki Z98.61 vs. Z95.5 Cardiology Code Question

    I have to do education on the uses of Z98.61 coronary angioplasty status. vs Z95.5 presence of coronary angioplasty implant and graft Does anyone have any experience with these? Resources? Thanks :)
  43. C

    Wiki Coders Needed! Remote or in NJ Office

    We are looking for E/M, Cardiology and multi-specialty coders. There are 3 positions currently open. Position: Onsite Full Time Permanent or Contract Medical Coder Location: Remote or In Jersey City Office CPC or equivalent. CPC-A’s are also welcome to submit their resumes for consideration...