case management

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    Question Billing for Case Management (98966-98968)

    Hello. I am new to billing for Behavioral Health and I want to make sure I'm doing so correctly. Any help to lead me in the right direction is appreciated so, thank you in advance! I have a therapist that sent me a message for me to bill "Case Management via Telephone" for a patient. When...
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    Encountering multiple services for open Medicaid client

    I work for a Medicaid managed care organization and am wondering about the appropriateness around encountering/billing multiple services for a client when the client is open to services in multiple facilities. For example, if a client is in a psychiatric residential treatment facility, can a...
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    H0006 another code

    BC is now denying case management code H0006 stating H and T codes are to be billed by Medicaid, any suggestions on a replacement code? Thanks
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    Medicare case/care management

    Hello! We have case/care managers at our office that use the G9001 and G9002 for Coordinated care fee, initial rate, and coordinated care fee maintenance rate. With Medicare, they do not accept these codes, and do not pay anything on them. I am wondering if there is a different way to bill these...