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    Career paths that can use coding experience but NOT coder/auditor/billing/compliance?

    I am an ED coder for the last 7 years, doing both facility and professional coding but am looking potentially at a career change. Does anyone have any suggestions for a career path where coding could be useful but is NOT a coder/auditor/billing/compliance? I'm thinking along the lines of...
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    Billing Proctored Cases

    Dr. A. is proctoring Dr. K. in abdominal aortic endografts. Based on the dictation, it looks like Dr. K. was the primary operator, but Dr. A was also listed. Would a modifier -62 be the most appropriate in this case, or does the fact that it's a proctored case change things? Thank you! Edit...
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    Unnaboot change and Port Flush

    I am hoping someone can help me with a couple of questions. Do you have to have a supervising physician in the office and to sign off the charts to be able to bill for a Unnaboot change CPT code 29580 or for a Port Flush CPT code 96523?
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    lmft seeing medicare patient

    Does any one have feedback on how to go about the following situation... A severe chronic patient has changed insurance and now has medicare. i know that LMFT can not bill medicare. The patient is in no way stable enough to change providers. is there a way to handle this? the patient is willing...
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    29045 cast change

    hi I have a question, new to orthopedic coding and billing, can we bill a cast change during the post op period, along with the supplies, I see they have been billing it but I think it may be incorrect, any feedback would help thank you
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    cast change 29075 and q4009

    can cast change be billed in the post op period? along with cast supplies? does anyone know
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    Certification Exams as of Jan 1, 2016

    Good evening, Can anyone tell me how the exams are going to be as of Jan 1? Will there still be the multiple choice or will the format of the exam change due to the implementation of ICD-10? Thanks so much! Devon
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    Secondary diagnosis of neoplasm with primary diagnosis of parotid gland (C07)

    Received denial from insurance stating can not bill C77.0 with C78.00 due to Excludes1 note and I agree however can I change C77.0 to C77.9 even when I know the site of the malignancy?