1. E

    Wiki Chronic Vent Management? Physician Fee?

    If the patient arrives with a current chronic vent, can the hospitalist bill for 94002 vent management, initial day? We can find information it cannot be billed with an E/M, but for the initial day, does the provider also need to initiate the pressure or volume in order to code? No luck with any...
  2. S

    Wiki Chronic exacerbated condition, help!

    We have a provider saying that if a chronic condition has the capability to one day become exacerbated, then it will ALWAYS be counted as a chronic condition with exacerbation. We disagree and say it would have to be exacerbated at this visit. Are we incorrect in understanding everything is from...
  3. M

    Wiki Coding Overactive Bladder as Chronic Condition with Rotator Cuff repair

    I have a question pertaining to Outpatient Surgery done in a facility setting. Patient has Rotator Cuff surgery repair, but has a chronic condition of overactive bladder that they take medications for, PRIOR to coming to the facility for surgery. They are discharged same day and never need to...
  4. J

    Wiki Chronic 8?

    Hello, I am an hcc coding auditor and for the most part if a diagnosis does not have meat or tamper we do not code it. Some clients refer to a "Chronic 8" conditions list which are considered to be conditions that never go away that do not require meat in order to capture as current. these...
  5. A

    Wiki Rheumatoid Arthritis: is it considered a High risk on the Risk Table?

    Would Rheumatoid Arthritis be considered a chronic illness on the high risk portion of the risk table? other examples of high risk illness would be helpful as well. Thank you
  6. V

    Wiki Acute/chronic keywords

    Keywords such as "probable", "suspected", "likely", "rule out", etc. indicate uncertainty. So how about acute and chronic? Are there any keywords to watch out for whenever "acute" or "chronic" are absent? One example would be "develops", such as in the statement "The patient subsequently...
  7. G

    Wiki Coding guidelines ICD 10

    Are there any guidelines in the ICD 10 book stating when to use chronic or acute codes?
  8. G

    Wiki Acute vs Chronic

    What is the criterion for coding for Chronic Conditions. When is something considered Chronic? Is there a time frame involved? Thanks
  9. A

    Wiki Help with Folliculitis

    I would really appreciate some help in coding this following op note: Op. Procedure: Excision of right paralabial chronic folliculitis After instillation of .5 xylocaine with epinephrine around the area, the patient's chronic folliculitis was elliptically excised and removed. Hemostasis was...
  10. B

    Wiki hyperplasia of tonsils

    When a path report states tonsils showing follicular hyperplasia consistent with chronic tonsillitis, would you choose the code for hyperplasia of tonsils or chronic tonsillitis or both?
  11. kathymoon

    Wiki Coding a 99215

    I have an internist that sees many geriatric patients. As I am reviewing his charts, he is charging a 99215. The patient is coming in for a 6-month or 1 year check up. He documents a comprehensive history and a comprehensive physical exam. He is covering 4 or more chronic conditions that are...
  12. B

    Wiki Chronic vs. Persistent A-Fib

    is there any guidance on this. I have a provider that is documenting Chronic A-fib, but is coding Persistent. She says it means the same thing.... If it means the same, why are there two separate codes? What is the difference form a coding perspective? I have looked everywhere and cannot find...
  13. Kisha

    Wiki ED medicine coding

    I get dinged on picking up chronic conditions with no medication attached for current treatment. I am now confused as to when to pick up the chronic conditions. I always thought if its on the chronic list code it. Someone please clarify because Dr's do not always state what meds are for what and...
  14. O

    Wiki Help coding - I'm having a bit of an issue with a certain diagnosis

    I'm having a bit of an issue with a certain diagnosis. The physician states "chronic bronchial asthma" as the diagnosis. The code for Bronchial Asthma is 493.90. The code 493.9X also states "Allergic Asthma", "Allergic Bronchitis", and "Asthmatic Bronchitis". There is no code for "chronic"...
  15. A

    Wiki semantics: kidney vs. renal

    Having taught medical terminology in the college setting, I personally consider the words "kidney" & "renal" to be synonymous. Most of my daily work is HCC related. Physicians are constantly documenting code 585.x as: "renal stage X" "renal insufficiency X" "CRD" "CRF" My fellow auditor & I...
  16. C

    Wiki Preventative vs established

    Scenario established visit- documented as a CPX. Several established chronic problems listed-- ALL stable. NO chief complaint, but each chronic problem addressed (some documented as followed by another physician). No HPI-- as the problems are mostly current but chronic in terms of years. Good...