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    Wiki Remote Coding Companies?

    Has anyone ever worked for or is currently working for any remote coding companies? I've applied for a few but scared of being scammed :( So far I've heard of Aviacode, DuvaSawko, and CIOX Health. Any info at all is appreciated!!!
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    Wiki Remark Codes

    I am just wanting clarification that when you receive an EOB from Medicare or possibly any insurance company for that matter, when an item is denied stating it is a non-coverage charge with CO96, with anything showing a CO and not a PR, does that mean as a company you have to write that off due...
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    Wiki EMR access requiring full SS# for contract coding

    I work for a national coding company doing contract auditing. I have a contract with this company. This company signs contracts with facilities in which we provide the services and more and more we are being required to get access into their EMR's to locate the documentation that needs...
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    Wiki Temp coding from Intra-Operative reports

    The ASC corporation I work for requires all cases after 30 days with no operative report be temp coded and billed from intra-op reports. It goes against every moral fiber running through my body. I've tried to find guidelines on the internet and nothing. Has anyone heard of this? Not one...
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    Wiki Cerified coder position in New Jersey

    Hello Everyone, My current employer Sovereign medical services located at Glen Rock , NJ looking for a certified outpatient medical coder. You can apply on It is a very good company with great benefits to work for! Thank you, Preya, COC
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    Wiki Codebusters

    Has anyone heard of the company Codebusters? They seem a little too good to be true and I was curious if anyone has experience with them. Thanks!
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    Wiki CPC remote coder looking for ways to gain more experience in the coding world.

    Hi everyone! I am requesting any suggestions in how I can gain more experience in outpatient coding and have this stand out in a resume? I am currently working for a company doing OP Cardiac Cath Lab and Peripheral vascular coding for about a year and 4 months. I want to experience and do more...
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    Wiki Coding

    I have a company that has been contacting me about there programs. One of the options is it allows you to enter in your codes and it will tell you the error you could possible have and the order they should be in for higher payment. Does anyone have any opinions on this or a cheaper company...