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    Intraoperative medical equipment breakage resulting in additional procedure work

    I've read the Medicare policy manual and global surgery package information but need some backup. While performing an arthroscopic knee abrasion arthroplasty, the tip of the microfracture awl broke and unable to be located within the joint. The provider had to perform an arthrotomy in an attempt...
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    Sequencing. Help! actually just HELP!!!

    I had a bill kicked back from Aetna for dx codes. I have PSC as my primary and the doc wanted this attached with liver transplant recipient, as well as UC and jaundice. I only have 4 dx available to me with the current system. I keep finding that I want to code T86.49- other complication of...
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    nexplanon implant complicaition

    Ok... So I'm coding an xr that's looking for a missing nexplanon birth control implant. I can't find any complication for that particular birth control. What would you guys suggest? Otherwise it's an xr without any abnormal findings... I can't seem to find any other code to use, all the...
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    PEG tube pulled out by patient

    Is there a dx code describing a patient pulled out his own PEG tube. I don't really call this a complication/malfunction of the tube itself, nor a displacement since the provider placed it correctly. I'm thinking Z43.1 only.
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    Non-healing breast wound following Mastectomy/Reconstruction

    Patient with history of left breast cancer and a non-healing breast wound. Underwent bilateral skin sparing mastectomy with tissue expander placement a month and a half ago. She has developed an infection in her left breast and now no longer wishes to move forward with reconstruction and wants...
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    Atrial Fibrillation and Cardioversion

    What ICD-10 diagnosis codes would you use to code for "atrial fibrillation status post cardioversion?" I belive I would use a complication code, but I really do not know since I am not very familiar with coding for cardiology. I would greatly appreciate any help!
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    Major Diabetes complication confusion!!!

    I am dealing with a lot of debate about when it is ok to code a complication with Diabetes. This is creating A LOT of contention between the providers and coders. Example: Pt comes in for possible Strep. In the HPI it states the Blood sugars are in the 300's and they have DMII with...
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    Pregnancy Complication or Not??

    Hello, This forum has been such a huge help for me as a brand new coder! I am hoping that someone here can help me. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around coding pregnancy complications. For example, a pregnant woman came in with hyperemesis and dehydration. The H&P lists GERD...
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    Radial Nerve Palsy Postoperative

    Hi, I have one where the patient fracture he proximal humerus there was a nonunion so we went in to and did ORIF. On follow up she has an incomplete radial nerve palsy postoperative. My question is would the nerve palsy be a complication? Do I code the Radial Nerve Palsy G56.32 and then the...
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    OB global vs office visit

    My understanding of OB is that if a pt is pregnant, there are 3 possibilities with regards to coding encounter. 1. Incidental - condition is not affecting the pregnancy - Office visit code used. 2. Routine antepartum visit - global billing place holder 59400PP is used and Dx Z34.- and Z3A.-...
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    Post-circumcision penile adhesions

    Can someone please help me determine ICD-10 code(s) for post-circumcision penile adhesions?