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    Wiki Diabetes type 2 with other Complications

    Does anyone know if when a provider chooses "DM 2 with other Complications" E11.49 and the complication listed is Peripheral Vascular Disease, is it appropriate to code the I73.9 code also. I believe I should be picking up all complications that the provider lists, in addition to the E11.49 but...
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    Wiki Icd 10 for 2 vessel cord ultrasound & maternal history codes

    Hello, I am new to OB coding and really could use some input. We have several patients receiving serial ultrasounds and BPPs recommended by Maternal-Fetal Medicine due to dx of 2vessel cord. Of course there is no exact ICD10 code for this condition for maternal care. I've looked at 2...
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    Wiki OB visits for medicaid patients

    what do you bill for a OB visit for a patient with no complications. do you use the ACOG prenatal flowsheet? Currently we bill a 99213 but I am questioning the MDM if the patient is having no complications?
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    Wiki Post Op Complications After Laminectomy and Discectomy

    I am new to coding for Orthopaedics. I need help coding for post op complications of lumbar disc herniation and two dural tears after a laminectomy and a discectomy. These complications occurred in the same patient. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Wiki delivery

    Good morning! Has anyone ever had to code for delivery 59409 in the ED?? Our ED delivered baby at 39 wks vaginal delivery and then was transferred to another facility for OB care. No complications etc. Can I bill out 59409?? Do I need to add modifiers?? Thanks for your help! Vicki, CPC