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what do you bill for a OB visit for a patient with no complications. do you use the ACOG prenatal flowsheet? Currently we bill a 99213 but I am questioning the MDM if the patient is having no complications?
We do not bill OV unless it is outside of maternity related issues. For general OB checks we bill "H1000 - Prenatal care, at-risk assessment"

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Kentucky medicaid requires us to bill the prenatal visits individually, so we have to use the 99212, 99213 or 99214.

In Vermont, we use a placeholder for all OB visits and bundle it, unless the global is broken, then we bill per number of prenatal visits.
In Tennessee the first office visit to confirm pregnancy is an E/M visit. The next appointment to begin the flow sheet is 0501F then each visit after that until delivery, if it is related to pregnancy follow up of 0502F.

Krystal Ybarra, CPC-A