Wiki Icd 10 for 2 vessel cord ultrasound & maternal history codes


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Hello, I am new to OB coding and really could use some input. We have several patients receiving serial ultrasounds and BPPs recommended by Maternal-Fetal Medicine due to dx of 2vessel cord. Of course there is no exact ICD10 code for this condition for maternal care. I've looked at 2 different codes, O43.19_ (Other malformation of the Placenta) and O36.891_(maternal care for other specified fetal problems). I'm really concerned about using the 043.19_ since the cord is not actually the placenta. I'm wondering what others are using for this???????

Also, we have a lot of patients who are considered High Risk patients because of History of complications in prior pregnancies such as Previous Preg related hypertension, Prev Oligo, Prev Premature rupture of membranes. I want to use O09.29_ (Spvsn High risk preg w/other poor OB history). The includes under this code all relate to fetal death, not simply previous complications in pregnancy. The other I have considered is O09.89_ (Spvs of Other high risk pregnancy) with Z87.59(personal history of other complications of pregnancy). I'm just at a loss as to which is more correct!!!

I would really appreciate any input from other coders. Thank you!!!!