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    Icd 10 for 2 vessel cord ultrasound & maternal history codes

    Hello, I am new to OB coding and really could use some input. We have several patients receiving serial ultrasounds and BPPs recommended by Maternal-Fetal Medicine due to dx of 2vessel cord. Of course there is no exact ICD10 code for this condition for maternal care. I've looked at 2...
  2. B

    holiday codes

    Our physicians want to bill cpt code 99051 (open during federal holiday code). I know insurance companies are not always going to pay, but I was wondering if anyone has had any experience in billing this code and do you notify the patients before their visit that there is an additional charge...
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    CPT code for holiday hours

    Our physicians want to bill code 99051 (open on Federal holidays). Has anyone had any experience in bililng this code. I understand that insurance companies are not required to pay for this code. Also, do you notify your patients before being seen that there is an additional charge? Any input...
  4. C

    Routine Laboratories

    Hello, I was really hoping someone can help me obtain the ICD-10 diagnosis code for routine labs? We have several Medicare patients who have had there labs denied because Medicare does not cover routine. What if the patients are healthy and the physician is screening for something that does not...
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    CPC-A Looking For Work

    Hello I am currently enrolled at FTC in DeLand,Florida. I am a CPC-A. i have passed both the ICD-10 and ICD-9 test. I am currently looking for any available coding jobs in the DeLand,Florida area thank you here is my resume i hope to hear from you soon thank you Jeremy Padgett 150 Lake Mamie...
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    99211 hep c patient visit

    Can the nurse charge 99211 for established patients each time they come in for accessment and then sent off to lab for blood test? The lab is outside lab but patients come every so often see the nurse first.
  7. L

    OV by MD & Acupunture in same day

    We recently added an acupuncturist to our practice. I am wondering if we can schedule our patient's for an office visit to see their PCP and also schedule an appointment for the patient to see the acupuncturist on the same day. This is a very common request that our office receives, so...
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    Hospitalist OP ICD10-CM assignment question

    I am doing the billing (99221-99239) for our hospitalist that see our patients in the hospital and am unclear when deciding the ICD-10CM codes to use... if the patient's admitting diagnosis are different than the subsequent visit diagnosis and different than the discharge diagnosis, how do I...
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    Medicaid-Patient's primary

    Patient's primary insurance paid for 99242 consultation except $25 copay. Patient's secondary ins Medicaid denied cpt 99242 as non covered by plan. Can we bill the patient for the $25 or do we have to adjust it off?
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    Amerigroup disenrollment

    My medical practice is enrolled with Amerigroup to see patients at 4 locations. We wish to disenroll at a few of the locations and continue seeing patients at some of the others . Does anyone know if that is possible? I have left multiple message with the Provider Enrollment Department at...
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    IME or EVAL & TREAT? WORK COMP question please!

    My doctors are wanting to bill 99455 for work comp patients that have been scheduled as Eval & Treat. They say that work comp patients take longer and that there are also outside records to review so just billing a regular patient visit doesn't compensate them for their time spent. I agree, but...
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    Child Abuse diagnosed as an adult

    Our PA recently saw a 54 year old women who recently discovered that she was sexually abused as a child for approximately two years. The PA coded the note with T74.22XA (Confirmed victim of sexual abuse in childhood, initial encounter) since the diagnosis was new to the patient's chart and to...
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    PAcemaker IMplant denials due to claim having ICd-10 code R55 on claim

    I realize the NCD 20.8.3 for Pacemaker implants CR9078 states the syncope (R55) is not a covered dx for pacemaker implants. It also goes on to state that claim will be denied if R55 is present even with a qualifying covered DX code. I have some concerns regarding this and I am curious if any...
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    Coding Specialist, Senior

    ROZITA POURMOUSSA, CPC, CPC-H E-mail (818) 489-9207 Objective: To obtain a challenging and rewarding position, and to be able to utilize my education, experience as Certified Professional Coder, and Certified Outpatient Coder. Qualification: Certified Professional Coder-...
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    Preventative Services and Gastro

    I need some advice one of our physicians keeps coding patients visits with a 99387 (preventative medicine) with use of ICD-10 codes: Z86.010 personal history of polyps, or Z12.11 Encounter screening for malignant neoplasm of colon. My issue is some of our patients are Medicare patients and as...
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    "Not payable due to coordination of benefits"

    Please help me to understand this. We bill Medicare and many patients have secondary. My question is below. Example: BlueCross EOB says "This amount is not payable due to coordination of benefits with the member's other carrier. " In this case, can we bill patients (Medicare allowed...
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    Multiple Medicare Denials for Medical Necessity

    I apologize ahead of time for my ignorance, I am still new to coding/billing and have learned on the job through trial and error. I received 3 pages of denials from Medicare for " these are non-covered services because this is not deemed a "medical necessity" by the payer". But the codes used...
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    Radiology Professional Charges

    I am getting conflicting information so if someone can answer my question and tell me where to find the rule I would really appreciate it. I code Radiology and Interventional Radiology and with the new ICD-10 some are saying that my coding should only be off of the patients s-ray report or order...
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    54150 Circumcision on adult dorsal slit in office

    My provider did the above. However, I am getting a CCI edit stating my patient's age in inappropriate. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    90670 Prevnar

    Hi, is there an age restriction on 90670 Prevnar? I am getting denials for patient's age but do not have any information Thank you!
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    E&M Coding: New vs Established

    Hello Friends! I have recently been asked for some clarification on how we do E&M coding for an inpatient setting. We are an infectious disease specialty clinic and are called in for consultations. Sometimes it is a patient that we have already seen in our clinic, and the consult is for the...
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    MSW visits in E/D

    Does anyone have any information about MSW billing for patients seen in the E/D?