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    Question Changes to Consult Codes 99241-99245 In 2021?

    So they are changing the way outpatient E/M coding is in 2021, deleting the 99201 and only requiring the codes to be reported based on time or MDM, however I have not seen any mention of things changing for the consult codes. Seems odd considering the codes follow the same general principals. On...
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    Wiki Coding CONSULT when pt is a Preop clearance???

    Hi y'all, I am getting mixed answers to a question. If an ESTABLISHED patient comes into their family Dr and has to have a PREOP CLEARANCE is it ok to bill a consult code (99242--99245)??? I was always taught this was not allowed, that they can bill an higher established level. They insist I am...
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    My physician asked to consult in ER

    I'm a chart auditor for a large urology group and there is some dispute on our providers providing a consult in the ER. Patient is Medicare and we are NOT admitting the patient to our service. I was told that we should be using 99201-99205 or 99212-99215 as the patient is "out patient" and we...
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    ADD/ADHD Consults

    I had a meeting with my providers and a question came up about when they have add/adhd evaluations. They wanted to know if they are allowed to charge a 99213 even though they did not exam the patient. I told them let me get some advice and I will let you know. I thought about it last night and I...
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    Consult before Colonoscopy

    Can I get feedback on how you are billing your consults before a colonoscopy? Thank you very much for your time!
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    ER vs Inpatient E&M code

    Hi everyone! Any help would be appreciated!!! Neurosurgeon is on call. He sees the patient in the ER, but, the patient is admitted the same day. Do I code as an inpatient or do I code the ER consult? I was told that only the ER physician can code ER consults. And, per Medicare of VA, you can no...
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    Does referring to a specialist or a "Consult" counts for "additional work up" ?

    Does referring to a specialist or a "Consult" counts for "additional work up" ? Does referring to a specialist or a "Consult" counts for "additional work up" when leveling e/m visits? and also what are some examples of "drug therapy requiring intensive monitoring from physician in the "risk"...
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    Consult with POS ER for Medicare

    I have been coding ER visit codes 99281-5 for the crosswalk for Medicare Consults when the POS is the ER and not crosswalking to OP visit codes new or established for Hospitalist and Orthopaedic consults ;I use those when the POS is Obsrv. Can anyone tell me if I am correct to bill the ER codes...
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    Intraoperative consults

    What E/M code do you use when billing for an intraoperative consult?
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    FP performing Consults?

    I have been stirring about this and I just cannot think of any examples where a Family practice doc would be billing a consult? I have a doc (who always has to "beat the system" in some way, shape or form) who all of the sudden wants to bill consults. I would think he would be the one sending...