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    Experienced Professional Seeking Part-Time Opportunity for CPC-A

    Hello, I am currently in the process of obtaining my CPC certification through AAPC. I have 10 years of professional experience in multiple healthcare settings and therapeutic areas in Clinical Research, with extensive experience working with medical records, data management and regulatory...
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    Extremely frustrated

    I have been trying to get a new coding job since January and am not sure what is going on. If the last company is giving me a bad review or something. I have had interviews but then all of a sudden that’s it. Or others require stupid assessments and I freak and get anxiety and have never been...
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    Question CPC-A Looking for onsite Chicago, IL or Remote coding and billing opportunities

    I am excited to advance my career in healthcare information management. I have over 10 years of experience in office administration and customer service, and I know these skills would go hand in hand with the requirements of a Medical Billing and Coding Specialists. I completed a one-year...
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    AAPC Certified Professional Coder 17+yrs Experience Seeking Position

    Seeking a position pertaining to any or all the following job duties; office or dept. management, physician credentialing, bookkeeping, accounting, and/or medical coding, within a well-established practice. Resume attached Note: Not exploring entry level positions.
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    6 years as Financial Counselor looking for CPC part time or unpaid internship.

    Currently employed with Optum as Patient Care Coordinator, previously a Financial Counselor with SSM Health Corporation. Same role, different position title. Been a financial counselor for total of 6 years working with billing and insurance. Recently graduated from Herzing December 2022 with...
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    CPC, CFPC, CRC with 3 years coding experience and over 4 years experience in the medical field looking for a remote position. Fast learner, team player, open to learning different types of coding. Will help in other areas as well such as billing and auditing.
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    CPC-A seeking first job

    Hello! I completed my CPC course in JULY 2020 and I am actively looking for employment! I am located in the St. Louis Missouri area and can also work remotely! Thank you!
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    New CPC with 2+ years experience in a high volume physicians office looking for a coding position

    I am actively seeking a coding position, I have over 2 years experience in a medical office coding mostly radiology procedures, labs, EM codes and assigning diagnosis codes. My main responsibilities were front desk tasks, along with insurance prior authorizations. I am highly proficient in Epic...
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    Experienced Biller and Coder looking for Coding/Billing Opportunities

    Magdalene M. Dorsey 616 Gold Sand Road, Louisburg, NC 27549 Home: (919) 853-9000 – Cell: (919) 441-0408 - magdalene5836@gmail.com Education Associate of Applied Science Vance Granville Community College Area of study: Medical Coding Cumulative GPA: 3.773 Graduated: May 2014 High...
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    Just CPC or specialize?

    Hi All. I am a new member of AAPC and a new Medical Coding student. I'm enrolled at Indiana University and I love the program. I have 1 1/2 years to go in my program which does include a practicum. This question may seem too early to think about but, how does one decide if they may want to...
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    My weakness gives me strength CPC - A

    Thank you for taking the time to consider me. I understand that I am new to my chosen career, my experience is in my internship and school only. Being green is not permanent for me, I know if given the opportunity I can become a pivotal part of a team. I devour and process information and enjoy...
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    CPC-A looking for a PT/FT remote position

    Good Afternoon, I am a CPC-A looking for an entry level billing/coding position that is remote OR in the Temple, TX area. I can work days, evenings, and weekends. I am very eager to learn and start this coding journey. I have attached my resume. Any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. are...
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    10yr Revenue Cycle professional seeking remote per-diem position

    Hi All, I was recently certified and I am looking to gain experience. Open to all learning/growth opportunities. Resume Attached.
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    CPC-a looking for remote coding CPT heavy or Florida Hospital Flagler loc.

    I am newly certified, but have 25 years experience in accounting, auditing, management and improving efficiency/accuracy of employees. I am looking for a remote position that I can perform days/nights/weekends, either 1 full time or multiple part time/contract positions. If I cannot get remote...
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    CPC looking for remote coding, anesthesia and pain mgmt, live in north FL

    The corporation for which I have worked four years is going to close in July. I've coded all anesthesia and pain mgmt procedures, familiar with ICD-10, PQRS, MIPS, and CPT; also Horizon, Excel, and other computer programs. I live in the Jacksonville, FL area, and can code remotely; I have...
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    CPC-A Seeking Employment

    I received my CPC certification in April of 2016, externed at an Neurotologist office from May to August, 2016 and am currently employed as a Claims Processor. My goal is to work from home but I am willing to work in-house until I have enough experience to achieve that goal.
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    Seeking a Remote Coder position

    Hi everyone, I am Madhu Anneboina from India (Hyderabad city), a certified professional coder with 9+ years live coding and done with ICD-10 proficiency (now I am preparing for CPMA). I am working as Team Lead for Medical coding team for a multinational organization. I am looking for remote...