cpt codes

  1. I

    Question Ketamine Infusions

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience with billing these ketamine infusions/injections? What are the codes to use? Does Medicare pay these infusions? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. M

    Question COVID-19

    Has anyone seen any updates regarding CPT code 49987?
  3. C

    Diagnosis Codes Per CPT Code Within Documentation (Not 837)

    Hi all- Apologies if this is posted elsewhere. I did search around and didn't find exactly what I'm looking for. Some qualifiers before I ask my question. 1) This is for outpatient billing only. 2) I know that 5010 allows for 12 diagnoses to appear on a professional claim and there are at most 4...
  4. daedolos

    Injection Codes

    Recently, I had to code for an established visit and the patient requested pain management. They were seen for right shoulder pain and right knee pain and received injections for both areas. 99213-25 20610 -RT (right shoulder - subacromial) 20610 -XU-RT (right shoulder - glenohumeral)...
  5. A

    Psychotherapy billing to NYS Workers Compensation

    Help! For the first time I am billing a psychotherapy client to workers compensation. We used the 90834, however, the comp carrier is denying stating the code is invalid for the date of service. I can find nothing in the comp fee schedule and the carrier can provide us with no further...
  6. 0

    Searching for CPT: Cogmed Working Memory Training

    I have been searching for the most appropriate code for Cogmed Working Memory Training. It consists of using a computer (in part) for cognitive therapy. This therapy is sometimes used after TBI; however, it has been used to treat other conditions such as ADHD. The program is 25 sessions that...
  7. KimberlySherman

    CPT code for facial repairs of muscles

    Hi all. I recently started coding for a plastic surgeon who does a lot of facial repairs after trauma. A lot of these repairs including suturing one or more muscles. Would you use the complex integumentary repair codes for these? Thank you!:confused:
  8. D

    Cover DX codes for CPT 96910 with UHC

    Please advise - what dx codes are reimbursable for CPT code 96910 and 96920 with UHC (United Health Care)? I am not getting anywhere with asking questions to UHC and other resources. Thank you for responding quickly