1. D

    Wiki Changing the date of a letter in EHR

    Hi, We will use a dictated consult letter to charge for office visits. A lot of the time when the doctor dictates these he/she will not state the actual date that the patient was seen. Transcription is entering the date of the letter with the date of dictation. By the time we see these in the...
  2. L

    Wiki Does this qualify for the family/social/past medical history??

    Our doctor want's to charge a 99214 for this visit. I'm curious if you can use the family history, social history, and personal history when it says just 'no changes' as he did below. Does that qualify or does he have to reference the date of the last time it didn't change. For example if it...
  3. L

    Wiki Does it need to specify the DOS?

    I'm confused. I thought each sheet of the chart needs to have a DOS on it, and it needs to specify that the date is the DOS, by stating "DOS", "Date of Service", "Date of encounter".... Basically, it can't be a "lone" date on the chart without the words "DOS", "Date of Service", etc...? Is that...
  4. C

    Wiki Hearing Aid DOS Question (return and re-dispensed)

    Hi, what is the correct date of service to bill insurance for a hearing aid supply? A patient got hearing aids which commercial insurance paid in full, but patient returned the hearing aids within the trial period. Different hearing aids were ordered and given at a later visit where we charged...
  5. B

    Wiki Global EKG date of service

    I'm hoping I can get some opinions and perhaps some reference to documentation indicating which scenario is appropriate. Patient has an EKG performed on 2/1/16. The physician doesn't perform an official interpretation of this EKG until 2/5/16. Because it's all being done by the same...
  6. N

    Wiki ICD-10 Assessment Certificate

    Why does my name and the date not print on my Certificate for my ICD-10 Assessment?
  7. carelitz

    Wiki Billed Date: Date of Service or Date Read?

    Hello! I am billing for a cardiologist that reads ECHO reports in the hospital. Therefore we bill the professional component using (93306, 93308) -26. Should the billed date be the date the ECHO was performed or the date that our doctor read the ECHO? Thanks!
  8. K

    Wiki expected due date

    What if the patients due date is on their birthday and they are turning 35. Can I still use the primigravida/multigravida codes?
  9. F

    Wiki Global ob billing for dos spanning from icd to icd 10

    I have private payers (specifically BCBS) denying my global OB billing when the start DOS is during ICD 9 and the delivery date is after ICD 10. First they denied saying that I should use and ICD 9 code (they're using the start date (FEB 2015) as the DOS, which, in my opinion, is incorrect...
  10. B

    Wiki professional billing- admission date matching the facility's admission date

    Hi, I am trying to find supporting documentation (mainly from CMS) that it is or is not a requirement that the admission date we use matches the facility's admission date. We are hospitalists that bill for the professional components. So if we do an H&P on 1/26/2016 and use admit date 1/26/2016...
  11. J

    Wiki Hospital Discharge date-of-service

    A provider does a discharge summary on one day and the patient is not really discharged until the following day, which DOS do we use for the discharge? If we use the DOS for the real discharge day but the discharge summary has the day before’s date on it, do we need an addendum in order to bill...
  12. N

    Wiki The new date of service rule for billing transitional care management

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had any insight on this new ruling for the TCMS. I am aware that the 30 day wait is no longer and we can bill the TCM on the date of the face to face, however, do we bill the office visit and the TCM? Or do we bill the TCM in place of the face to face? Thank...
  13. T

    Wiki Looking for Billing information for Radiation Oncology CPT 77427

    I am new to radiation oncology and would like to get some opinions on how you are billing the code 77427? The system that was put in place prior to my working in this facility is that it is automatically dropped after the 5th fraction and billed on that date. There is no "through" date. From...