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    Wiki Anemia or Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

    Hi! I'm still coding with ICD9. I don't know which one I should code, Anemia Vitamin B-12 (281.1) or Vitamin B-12 Deficiency (266.2). Problem List : Vitamin B-12 Deficiency (Non-Anemic), Past Medical History : Anemia (B-12), Medication :Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B-12) injection once a month. I...
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    Wiki Breastfed baby needing Vitamin D drops

    I am a new coder and I was wondering if I can get some advice on a diagnosis coding issue. A newborn patient was recently seen by one of our providers and the doctor wanted to prescribe Vitamin D drops to prevent any Vitamin D deficiency within the baby. His reasoning is that because the baby...
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    Wiki History of Vitamin D Deficiency

    Can anyone give some feedback on what code to use for a history of Vitamin D Deficiency? We have had a lot of discussions regarding this, and the best code we can come up with is Z86.39.
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    Wiki Dexa Scan

    Hi everyone! I was reading over some of the old threads regarding the dexa scan, 77080 and I had a question. The physician order states "Dexa Hip & Spine" with 256.39 (this DOS is prior to ICD-10), estrogen deficiency. This is exactly how the coder coded it. I am working the denial from the...