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Hi everyone!

I was reading over some of the old threads regarding the dexa scan, 77080 and I had a question.

The physician order states "Dexa Hip & Spine" with 256.39 (this DOS is prior to ICD-10), estrogen deficiency. This is exactly how the coder coded it.

I am working the denial from the insurance (Aetna) and they state "the code is inconsistent with the procedure." I am thinking because of her estrogen deficiency, the physician is ordering the test because she is at clinical risk for osteoporosis. We are a hospital providing an outpt service on this account. So in this case would we use the 256.39 only or add the V82.81? I read some of the threads on here and googled some information but was coming up with conflicting info so I wanted to double check with everyone.

Thanks for the help!
That's what I kept telling myself when I stared at the order hahahaa I was like this order neeeeeeeeeds to state screening!!!! But I wasn't 100% sure, which lead me to here. Thanks Debra! :)