1. D

    Wiki Performing an IME and Taking x-rays

    My doctor, in Nevada, has just recently started performing IME's and usually takes x-rays when doing so. Is there a modifier that needs to be used for those x-rays?
  2. M

    Wiki Coding of Locum Tenem in the Emergency Setting

    I have always been under the impression that when a Locum is working that we are to put the Q6 modifier on anything that they do. Am I correct in my thinking? Where I work they now after 3 years of putting the Q6 on the codes that they have always overridden the Q6 to bill to the doctor that is...
  3. randiroyder

    Wiki Full thickness ??

    I am looking for the definition of full thickness. Dr. did a surgery stating, "We then debrided friable and necrotic tissue from around the hardware using Bovie electrocautery, Lexxel rongeur and Cobb elevator." Quiried him on the depth. The doctor comes back and says "full thickness". What I...
  4. M

    Wiki New to ENT. Lots of Questions re: when to bill E/M with a scope

    Hi. I'm new to ENT coding and I have several questions that I hope you can help me with. First when the doctor does a laryngoscopy in the office, how do you count this in the data complexity part of the audit sheet? I'm thinking that he should get a point in the medicine part-- The same line...
  5. J

    Wiki E & M documentation requirements

    I have a doctor that dictates his consults with a one line history of present illness and a very short plan and the P.A. does an extensive consult. Does the doctor need to dictate more extensive or can we base our code on the P.A. and the little the doctor dictated? The plan indicates a heart...
  6. T

    Wiki initial or subsequent - injections for the patient

    ok I think I am reading too much into this. I have a patient who comes into the office for MRI results and the doctor is going to order HA injections for the patient. This would still be the (A) for initial because the doctor is still actively treating the patient, right??
  7. S

    Wiki Consult

    Can a consult be billed if the patient is referred by a PA/NP to the speciality doctor?
  8. R

    Wiki Comparison xray views

    What ICD10 would be used for a comparison view? Pt has left wrist pain and the doctor is xraying both wrists. She wants to check the variance of the right wrist. Thank you,
  9. P

    Wiki How to bill when one Provider in practice opts out of Medicare

    I need some advice on how I would bill Medicare for the Nurse Practitioners who still participate in Medicare but the Doctor has opted out of Medicare? And all three are in the same group practice that the Doctor owns. I would appreciate any information I can get...
  10. S

    Wiki ICD10 change/addendums

    We have instances where a doctor picks an incorrect code (perhaps wrong laterality or not specific enough) in the patient's EMR. When we file the claim, we use the correct ICD10 code. Does the doctor have to do an addendum, noting the correct ICD10 code? We of course match the code to his...
  11. N

    Wiki ankle arthroplasty with microfracture and repair talar osteochdral defects -cpt help

    I'm pretty new to podiatry could use help please! The doctor used a drill and k-wire on multiple defects and then used BioCartilage graft.
  12. S

    Wiki Cpt 20931

    My doctor wants to charge 20931, structural allograft, twice. I thought this can only be charged once. Anyone know the answer?
  13. L

    Wiki Capsule Endoscopy Coding Question

    I am a coder for pediatric gastroenterolgy. My doctor just did a capsule endoscopy using the Pillcam. Normally, the patient swallows the pill; however, in this instance, the patient would not swallow the pill and the physician placed it during an EGD. My thinking is that I will code the EGD...