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    Question EGD Capsule Placement

    We have a patient who was seen for an EGD (43235) to place a PillCam (91110). Typically, we bill the EGD on the day that was done and the PillCam on the day the results were read. The complication we are running into is that the PillCam was interpreted the same day and the patient was found to...
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    Colonoscopy Consults

    Help Please, We are struggling with finding information regarding colonoscopy consults. We are aware CMS does not allow, however there is never any discussion around a consult not performed on the same day as the procedure. For example: Patients PCP deems it time for patient to have a colo...
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    VCE placed during EGD

    Can you bill an EGD (43235) and VCE (91110) on the same day? The patient cannot swallow the capsule so we would like to place during an EGD. Is this possible? If you can bill both on the same day which code goes first and what modifiers are needed.
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    Dilations and Biopsies during EGD

    My physicians will very seldom require to use an alternate method of dilation when one doesn't produce the result they desire. For example, they will perform a 43248(guide wire) and a 43249(balloon) in the same session. Most recently, we billed those two codes along with a 43239(biopsy) and...
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    Esophageal Stenting if Provider Caused the Rent

    Hi there, we are trying to find information on billing esophageal stents if the provider caused a small rent during EGD/ERCP. I know if there is post polypectomy bleeding (caused by physician) you cannot bill for hemorrhage control. You can only bill hem control if the bleeding was encountered...
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    help with coding this procedure- am I missing something?

    ** good morning all I am coding this procedure done by my physician and I am wondering if I am missing anything by coding it as a 43242. Input is appreciated. have a great day! ""EGD/EUS/FNA-Core biopsies Indication for procedure:* This is a male patient who presents for EGD/EUS to...
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    Capsule Endoscopy Placement ASC Facility Billing

    Physician performed an EGD simply for the placement of the Pill Cam, no other diagnostic services performed. Pre-operative diagnosis is Iron Defiency Anemia & Esophageal Web Q39.4. Primary question is how to bill for ASC services? 43235? We normally bill for the PillCam in office 91110, but...
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    2017 moderate sedation - multiple procedures, same dos

    Our physician is coding 45380 & 45385 with 99152 & 99153. Additionally, he's also coding 43235 with 99152. Does anyone know if we are allowed to bill 99152 twice? Also, if billed twice is modifier 59 appropriate on the second 99152? :confused:
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    PEG Tube Removal During EGD

    After searching the AAPC forums, I still have uncertainties about the answer to my question(s). My question(s): Can a separate charge be billed when a PEG tube is removed during an endoscopic (EGD)procedure? If yes, how would you code for this charge? Thank you so much!
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    how to code a second EGD during a post-op period

    The surgeon I work for performed an EGD and Colonoscopy on this particular patient, and about 3 weeks later he does an EGD with placement of percutaneous gastrostomy tube, 5 days later a tracheostomy, now another 3 weeks later he does an EGD should I have billed this EGD with a modifier? The...
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    Incomplete EGD-Opinions please!

    Opinions please! :) I have a patient who was scheduled for an EGD and colonoscopy. The EGD was unable to be completed due to the patient having a very small mouth and torticollis. They were unable to even insert the mouth guard in the patient's mouth. The patient was already sedated, but was...
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    EGD w/APC therapy

    What procedure code would you use for this example? EGD with APC therapy for non-bleeding duodenal ulcer.
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    EGD with EMR for ASC

    Has anyone else in an ASC setting ever billed for an EGD with EMR (endoscopic mucosal resection) of a hemi-cercumferential area of distal barrett's due to intramucosal carcinoma? Please note that the devices is used by applyng a band to create a berry-like pseudopolyp which is then removed by...
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    Capsule Endoscopy Coding Question

    I am a coder for pediatric gastroenterolgy. My doctor just did a capsule endoscopy using the Pillcam. Normally, the patient swallows the pill; however, in this instance, the patient would not swallow the pill and the physician placed it during an EGD. My thinking is that I will code the EGD...