1. M

    Question PLEASE HELP! - EKG Reporting

    Our organization started an outpatient Cardiology department about a year ago, and our cardiologists are sub-contracted through a different company and rotate through, but we do all the billing. I currently have a cardiologist who is refusing to write any kind of a report, even in the patient's...
  2. T

    Question Data Points/Independent Vis/Test billed profee on same day

    Hello from California :cool: Cardiology MD billed: 99214 + 93000. List of lab results in side-header of clinic note - no mention in note of "I reviewed...". Previously performed echo reviewed in chart, but not documented whether this MD performed/billed that previous echo or not. (would...
  3. H

    Question Multiple Ekg's done on the same day

    Can someone clarify how to bill 4 ekgs done on the same day by the same provider? I know it needs the 76 modifier. But can it be billed on 1 line with 4 units? This is for a SC medicare pt.
  4. G

    Help Needed! Coding off EKG & X-Rays

    I have read where coders aren't allowed to code off the EKG or x-ray report and we can only code the diagnosis after it's been read by the treating physician. Example: Dr. A, who is a Cardiologist, reads an EKG in the ER. He states in his report, the patient has an AV paced rhythm with a...
  5. T

    Modifier need on a 93010 when billed with 99281-5

    I am being told in order for a claim to go thru and get paid that 59 modifier has to be amended to the interpretation 93010 when also billing the ED EM code group 99281-99285. I just can' t see why a 59 modifier has any bearing in this scenario. If any one can help with clarification on this is...
  6. baroquecoder

    Denials for 93042 with 99223

    I am seeing a lot of denials from the earlier part of the year for a 93042 when ordered in the inpatient setting. Has anyone else experienced this? Biller is telling me to put a modifier 59 on it. Any advice would be appreciated. Should mod 25 go on it?
  7. G

    HELP!! Radiology/EKG Coding

    I am new to radiology coding and I need some clarification. Here is the scenario: A patient, who is an inpatient, is experiencing shortness of breath. The physician orders a chest x-ray. The radiologist reports in the impression that opacities and pleural effusions are seen. Do we code the...
  8. S

    93000 vs 93005 vs 93010

    When billing for an internist, if an EKG is performed with I & R on the same day, does 93000 include everything? When would you bill 93005 and/or 93010?
  9. K

    Documentation Requirements for 93000

    I work for a cardiology office, and recently we were told by an auditor that when performing an EKG in the office, that we must have a "Separate" report for that EKG in order to bill the 93000 code. Currently our physicians are interpreting the EKG and writing their interpretation on the strip...
  10. J

    Amount and/or Complexity of Data Reviewed section

    I need some clarification on the EKG review and the consultation. This is what I got from the J8 MAC Part B: Ordering and performance of an EKG into the E/M coding when the EKG is performed in the physician's office. Both the EKG would be part of the Medical Decision Making under the Risk...
  11. B

    Global EKG date of service

    I'm hoping I can get some opinions and perhaps some reference to documentation indicating which scenario is appropriate. Patient has an EKG performed on 2/1/16. The physician doesn't perform an official interpretation of this EKG until 2/5/16. Because it's all being done by the same...
  12. A

    Coding diagnosis from EKG

    We are having a debate in my office. We have 2 doctors that read EKGs for the hospital, we charge their professional fee. With ICD-10, we are having to request coding attestations from the hosptial in order to code to the most specific diagnosis. My office manager wants to know why we can't code...
  13. M

    Does the notes support EKG 93000?

    I am in a bit of a debate with a practitioner. When I read CPT guidelines it states there must be a signed written report. However, our machine gives a print out of its findings based on PR interval, QT, QTc, etc... Nowhere in the medical notes, besides the order, does it even comment on the...