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    Question Multiple Nurse Providers

    Can someone please help me code this scenario: PHN sees a patient for a quick office visit (i.e. pregnancy test visit) worthy of a 99211. Patient's pregnancy test come back positive and requests for further guidance. NP comes in for a visit worthy of a 99213. Can I bill both 99211 and 99213...
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    Physician E&M service same day Facility Infusion

    I hope I can get someone to shed some light on this issue. physician E&M service and facility infusion on the same day- So in peds, often times, the physician ends up seeing the patient on the same day as infusion therapy that is billed by the facility. Since the clinic and infusion suite...
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    Nurse visits and UAs

    Our coding dept is being requested to bill out a UA with a 99211. I know as it is an E&M I can add a 25 modifier. I am having trouble with this because of the UA having its own CPT code and by my understanding of E&Ms you can only bill both if there is a separate reason for the E&M service. Is...
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    Surgical/E&M codes

    Is it ok to send both E/M and surgical service together if no separate identifiable non-surgical service is given at the time of service? Is it per payer contract, which can allows both together(E/M and Surgical codes) or E/M code can supersede Surgical code even though it is truly surgical...
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    E&M productivity benchmark

    Hello All, My employer is looking for a way to gauge our heatlhcare providers as it relates to how well thier doing or not doing in thier E&M coding. Dose anyone know of any industry standard or some type of E&M productivity benchmark?
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    E/M Dermatology 99212, 99213

    We have had some difference of opinon on how to bill out the E&M lately with new drs on staff vs drs that have been here for years. Generally patient comes in here for a Full Skin exam which may or may not result in some biopsies but mostly the only other things notes are SK's and maybe Acne or...
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    Can a Physician charge an E&M with an EMG?

    Any help with this question would be greatly appreciated. Reference materials are welcomed also, thank you!
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    E&M Coding for non coders presentation

    Does anyone have a basic 101 E&M coding for non coders presentation that you are willing to share?