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I have been having denials on claims with both 99203 or 99202 and 98941. This is not always the case. When I get it sent for review as both procedures being separate and distinct procedures, I am 50% on my success rate at getting it paid. I often get referred back to NCCI. This is all I can find from them, I am having a hard time interpreting this. Is anyone able to give me assistance in the actual meaning behind this.

22505 98941 20150401 *0 Misuse of Column Two code with Column One code (E&M codes are also in column 2)

If E&M is excluded or not supposed to be billed along with spinal adjustment I am OK with that, we generally do not adjust at the NP visit anyway, but in some cases the doctors do deem it as appropriate and it seems strange that sometimes it is allowed by the insurances and other times it is denied. The CPT book put out by AAPC does not cite either of these codes as having an exclusion. Any Help is appreciated.
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