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    Question ER to Inpatient on Same Day: Different docs, same TID

    Hey all, The hospital I work for have our ER physicians and Hospitalists under the same TaxID. When our ER physician sees a patient and admits to inpatient: then the hospitalists sees the patient the same day- We are getting the ER charge denied... Is this correct? Is there anyway around this...
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    ER coding help

    hello, Is anyone able to assist in some coding for hospital charges? I work for a physician office, so hospital visits are not my speciality. I'm trying to assist a family member with their bill and want to be sure I'm pulling correct information. The hospital will only provide an itemized...
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    ER Coding - I am new to ER coding

    I am new to ER coding. Can anyone recommend a really good class to attend to learn how to code for ER and especially E&M coding.