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Is anyone able to assist in some coding for hospital charges? I work for a physician office, so hospital visits are not my speciality. I'm trying to assist a family member with their bill and want to be sure I'm pulling correct information. The hospital will only provide an itemized statement with no coding. Thanks in advance for any and all help with this!

Ketorolac Troth 15mg inj J1885
Sodium Chloride 0.9% 1000ml J7030
Sodium Chloride 0.9% 50ml ??
Metronidazol 500mg PB S0030
Levofloxacn 250mg PB J1956

Locm Iodine 300-399 mg/ml Q9967

CMP 80053
Lactate/Lactic Acid 83605
CBC auto w/auto diff 85025

cult bact blood aerobic 87040 x2

CT ABD & Pelvis w/ CNT 74177

ER level 5 99285 ( I assume)
Inj IVP initial Drug 96374?
Inf IV hydrat addl hr 96361?
INJ IVP add seq drug new 96375?
Ina IVP add seq drug new 96375?



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It seems really odd to me that a hospital would not code charges. I don't think you can legally code it either since you don't work for or on behalf of the hospital. Have you contacted the payer? Typically they will have process for these (assuming its a foreign country). I know i didn't have to code any of the itemized bills i received when I had a diving mishap last year on the Great Barrier Reef.