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    Wiki Coding for foreign body removal

    The indications for procedure states: "foreign body in the airway noticed at the subglottis on CXR." The doctor did a direct laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy, esophagoscopy, injection laryngoplasty of laryngeal cleft, bilateral tympanostomy with tubes. For both the DLB and the esophagoscopy...
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    Wiki HELP!! Esophagus foreign body removal using laryngoscope. What to code?

    Hi, I am coming across several reports wherein there is a foreign body in the esophagus. However, instead of using a rigid esophagoscope, the physician is using a laryngoscope and a telescope. What code should be coded? 43194 - Esophagoscopy, rigid, transoral; with removal of foreign body(s)...
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    Wiki Panendoscopy for oral cancer

    Hello everyone! I am a biller who is brand new to the field of ENT and am learning as I go -- I was unexpectedly thrown in to the role as the previous coder left with no notice :-o Can you experienced ENT coders please assist me with what seems to be a fairly common set of procedures done by...
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    Wiki Esophageal dilation and esophagoscopy

    Hi! I'm not too confident when it comes to esophagoscopy coding. I'm hoping to find someone who is :) What CPT code(s) best describes the following scenario? The diagnosis was pure esophageal atresia & emesis "The patient was taken to the operating room and placed supine on the operating...