Esophageal dilation and esophagoscopy

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I'm not too confident when it comes to esophagoscopy coding. I'm hoping to find someone who is :)

What CPT code(s) best describes the following scenario? The diagnosis was pure esophageal atresia & emesis

"The patient was taken to the operating room and placed supine on the operating room table.After general anesthesia was established, a small ileoscope was then advanced into the esophagus. It was noted to pass easily into the stomach without issues. At the site of the anastomosis, there seemed to be a slight area of narrowing. A decision was made to proceed with dilation of this anastomosis for sounding out the size of the esophagus. Dilations were begun at 18-French which passed easily without issues and continued to 28-French without any resistance. At 28-French minimal blood was noted on the dilator and dilations were stopped. Estimated blood loss was 0.5 mL. We then proceeded with esophagoscopy post dilation and again there was noted to be easy passage of the ileoscope into the stomach.The esophageal anastomosis was noted to be a little bit more open as a result of the dilation. No foreign bodies were noted. No false passages were noted. No diverticula were noted."

Thanks in advance!