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    New vs. Established patients in optometry

    Hello I work in a FQHC clinic that offers Medical, Behavioral Health, & now optometry services. I am fairly new to the coding world and I am wondering when a patient that has been seen in medical is coming in for the first time in optometry are they considered new or established when billing for...
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    Diagnosis Management Points Calculation - Est Problem,New Provider (same practice)

    Please let me know how many diagnosis management points you would assign???????? Scenario: An established patient to a single-specialty practice comes in for a second office visit to be seen for the same illness he was seen for 1 week ago by Dr. Smith. However, this time he is seeing Dr...
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    New to Outpatient Hospital Coding

    Scenario: A patient is registered in the hospital as outpatient and the physician sees the patient. Do they bill under 99201-99205 or 99211-99215? New versus established rules would apply in this case. Any help is appreciated.
  4. K

    new vs established patient-organization aquires

    If an organization aquires a practice and all providers remain at the practice but the tax ID # changes. Should all the first visits for their exisisting patients be billed as a new patient visits?
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    Preventative vs established

    Scenario established visit- documented as a CPX. Several established chronic problems listed-- ALL stable. NO chief complaint, but each chronic problem addressed (some documented as followed by another physician). No HPI-- as the problems are mostly current but chronic in terms of years. Good...