1. C

    Question CPC exam

    Has anyone taken the cpc test recently? I’m scared if the time limit. Thanks!
  2. D

    Question Diagnosis specificity

    May a coder use the exam for specificity without having to task the provider? The provider states they documented location in the exam and does not need to re-address the location in the assessment? The coder would like the location listed under the assessment. Very interested in the response...
  3. KStaten

    Documentation Requirements for Components of E/M

    Hello Everyone! With the new 2021 E/M Documentation changes, there have been questions that have arisen in regards to requirements for the HPI and Exam. Now that these components are deemed "medically appropriate" by the provider, that leads some to think that the extra the flexibility extends...
  4. D

    Questions for a newbee! Location: Georiga

    Hello Everyone! I am switching careers from public safety to CRC. From what I am learning I am confident that my skills are very much transferable and will really help me in this new line of work it is just a matter of getting the experience. I am beginning a online course shortly and am...
  5. H

    Family Practice Exam

    What is the best way to study for the Family Practice exam? I have my CPC and currently work in a urgent care setting. I got the Practice study guide to review. Any other tips on what I should know?
  6. C

    Using 2018 books to study for 2019 exam! Is that a big problem? :O

    I'm thinking I may have to reschedule my AAPC exam until after the holidays. I have been studying the 2018 books and I'm wondering if the 2019 exam will focus alot on the new changes for 2019. Will it be a big deal? Will the exam really be that different? Will it be so different that it may...
  7. H

    Physical Exam Documentation help

    I'm an internal auditor and I have run into some exam documentation that I have not encountered before. The physician is using "denies" within the exam section which to me is more like ROS documentation, not physical exam. Musculoskeletal: Wrists Denies swelling, denies tenderness Ankles...
  8. K

    Got a 68% on my first test...waiting on results for my 2nd test.

    I am more nervous than the first time I took the test. I was wondering how many of you passed the second time? I'm currently waiting on my results, last time I took it, it took the full 10 days to get my score!! I am hoping I get my score sooner this time.
  9. T

    CUC Exam Prep & References

    I am studying for the CUC Exam and want to make sure if the AMA CPT Coding Essentials for Urology & Nephrology 2018 is approved to take in to the test as a reference book. I understand the CPT & ICD10CM are used and I am prficient with those books but find I use this book a great deal in the...
  10. K

    New Patient Exams

    Recently I attended the WAEPS billing code quest seminar and something the speaker said raised a lot of questions. I have always billed a new patient as a patient that has not been seen by our practice in the last three years or at all, but the speaker said that if a patient is seen by a...
  11. A

    1995 Exam Elements

    Hello, I've been auditing evaluation & management documentation for a long time and I've noticed something about the 1995 exam guidelines that I could really use some help on from a fellow auditor or coder or whomever can help! I get the overall guidelines are based off of body areas and/or...
  12. S

    Specialty Exam: Neurology

    Does anyone have a workaround for the Ophthalmoscopic examination of the optic discs (e.g. size, C/D ratio, appearance) and posterior segments (e.g., vessel changes, exudates, hemorrhages) in the comprehensive neuro exam? Our providers are already checking the cranial nerve 2, so this seems...
  13. S

    CPPM practice exam - 100Q vs 50Q online exams

    I'm studying to take the CPPM certification test and just completed the 100 Question practice exam that I purchased with my study bundle. I was too easy to be honest. It makes me very nervous. I finished in 50 min and got a 97. Most of it was just repeating the exact same questions that were in...
  14. D

    If I failed, what are my job options?

    I did an online course with Tacoma community College and passed all of the classes but I failed on my first attempt at my CPC certification exam. I just recently completed my second exam and have not yet been given my grade. If I fail and continue with my aapc membership and attempt the exam...
  15. A

    CCC Examination

    Has anyone taken the CCC exam with no background experience in EP surgery coding? I recently passed my CEMC exam last year and recently started working with EP Cardiologist coding the E/M consults and progress notes. I want to take the CCC exam and try my luck, but i am a bit nervous about it. I...
  16. J

    COSC exam prep help?

    Hello, I will be taking the COSC exam next year and I was wondering if anyone has passed it recently and can provide me with some tips on where I should focus my studying? Also does anyone know of some good websites and resourses that help you practice coding/anatomy & physiology online or...
  17. C

    Exam Components for E/M

    Dr. does a Physical Exam on his patients for these following areas: General (Constitutional) Head Eyes Ears, nose, mouth, throat Extremities (Excluding a separate hand exam that he documents seperatly, below) Neuro Skin He then usually does a Normal Wrist exam for Carpal Tunnel (He is a hand...
  18. M

    CIRCC exam

    hello everyone, Anyone tried taking the exam this year? I'm taking it this coming October, and man I'm nervous to death! I bought the study guide and the practice exam, I've read some previous post and there were people who were taking it several times already. Makes me more nervous. I really...
  19. D

    Inp Neurology Single System Exam/Gait Credit

    On Inpatient Neuro Exam: Dr. states "Station/Gait: unable to stand up due to severe dizziness." Does he qualify for full credit. **Gen app, Vitals, Fundus, CV, MS, CN, Tone, Strength, Reflexes, Coordination, Sensation are all examined.
  20. K

    CPC Certification Help

    Hi, I'm about to graduate from college for Medical Coding and Billing, and I need to sit in for the CPC certification exam. I'm totally new to this and have 0 friends in this field so I'm very nervous about the exam because I have no idea what to expect. Can anyone recommend some study...
  21. A

    Do you see a comprehensive exam here?

    Do you count 8 organ systems for a comprehensive exam? Patient is in a coma. VITAL SIGNS: BP 100/60, HR 90, Intubated on vent, sedated. Weight 171 kg. HEENT- face is cushingoid CHEST: bilateral rhonchi ABD: soft EXT: legs show edema NEURO: corneal and gag reflex absent. No movement or...
  22. A

    EM Exam components- does this meet a comprehensive exam?

    Do you count 8 organ systems for a comprehensive exam? Patient is in a coma. VITAL SIGNS: BP 100/60, HR 90, Intubated on vent, sedated. Weight 171 kg. HEENT- face is cushingoid CHEST: bilateral rhonchi ABD: soft EXT: legs show edema NEURO: corneal and gag reflex absent. No movement or...
  23. A

    Exam: Extremities

    When reviewing an Extremities section in an exam how would you give points for the following examples? Extremities: grossly normal. You have 4 extremities, do you assume this to mean all 4 and use towards achieving a 4X4? Extremities: no joint deformities, effusion, or inflammation, no edema...
  24. bekka

    Exam under anesthesia

    Hello, We treat a lot of MR, and autistic patients as an oral surgeon. I though there used to be a CPT code for exam under anesthesia? What do you suggest using now?
  25. P

    1995 or 1997 for answering E/M questions on CPMA exam

    Hi Should I use the 1995 or 1997 Audit tool to answer the E/M questions on the CPMA exam. Does the questions tell you which one to use to come up with the correct answer ? Thanks
  26. T

    "most likely" herpes simplex infection

    Outpatient visit. Doctor gives a diagnosis but also states "most likely" -- those words make this an uncertain diagnosis and thus do not code, correct? CC: Child brought in by mom with cold sores that developed around mouth and inside lips for the past week. Painful when touched. No fevers...
  27. L

    E/M vs Preventive Visit

    Patient states was only see for annual physical exam provider billed e/m with diagnosis. The CC & HPI both indicate patient was being seen for annual routine exam and the ROS and Exam portion also support this. Is it reasonable to code a routine physical Z00.00 even though the providers...
  28. C

    Preventive physical exams, Medicare patient

    Hi everyone! Before I continue I want to clarify that this has absolutely nothing to do with the Medicare AWV. This is a hands on, head to toe, physical exam. A patient comes in every year and has the same thing, clearly documented, coded 99396 through age 64. Now this patient is on Medicare...
  29. R

    Physical exam

    How many ROS need to be listed for a complete physical exam?
  30. L

    Documentation - HPI both indicate

    If the CC & HPI both indicate pt was being seen for annual routine exam and the ROS and Exam portion also support this. Is it reasonable to code a routine physical even though the providers assessment is Hyperlipidemia? Or would you query the provider to have amended assessment done adding the...
  31. K

    HCPCS book and CPC EXAM

    Good Morning, I am scheduled to take the CPC EXAM in a few weeks and I don't have the HCPCS book. The exam layout states that 5 questions are designated for this book. Did you find this book helpful for the EXAM? The reason I ask is because its over $50 and I'm not sure if it would be worth it...
  32. B

    Points on how to pass the CPC exam B Inman

    Can you give me some tips on how to answer the questions in less time. I am waiting on my score now, over a week ago I took the exam. I ran out of time with too many problems not answered. That was my first time taking the exam. Can you give me some pointers on how to spend less time on the...
  33. T

    E & M coding help please

    Please help with correct E&M code new patient office visit an expanded problem focused history, comprehensive exam MDM of high complexity what will the E & M code become
  34. Y

    Z02.89 to report something done but not send by a claim.

    Hi: Somebody could help me with this? I have a doubt regarding Z02.89 use. It is an encounter for administrative purpose. Can I use it to report a HEDIS measure performed but not reported to Health Plan? i.e. A pt had an eye exam for Diabetic retinopathy screening, the report is in the chart...
  35. D

    AAPC Practice Exam for CIRCC

    Has anyone purchased the CIRCC practice exam available from the AAPC for $70 (for members)? I am very early on trying to learn to code IR and wondering how helpful the practice exam is and if doing it and seeing the correct and incorrect answers will serve as teaching points for me as I train...
  36. C

    Incomplete stress test

    A patient came into cardiology as an OP for a stress test. Patient was only able to walk on treadmill for two minutes. EKG tracings and pulse oximetry , blood pressures where being monitored. Patient stated just cannot walk anymore "I am out of gas". Patient never achieved qualifying Heart...
  37. S

    Coc exam - What is the problem

    Hi any one help me i written my coc exam last month (01/23/16)... But still now my result page shows received only... What is the problem... What should i do... Anyone please tell me....
  38. C

    Failed CPC exam- first attempt with 65%. Need advice.

    Hi everyone, I am looking for advice on passing my CPC exam on my second attempt which is coming up in a few weeks. My problem with the first exam was with the amount of time given to us. How could anyone answer 150 questions within such a short amount of time? I utilized all of the official...
  39. D

    E/m auditing

    When an established patient comes in does the physician have to update their exam or can they just carry it forward from a previous visit? If they change/add one thing to the exam (one section not the whole exam) does this allow them to use the complete exam from the previous visit? On the...
  40. R

    ATTN: CHARLOTTE NC and surrounding area *CMOM*

    Hello: I am hosting a Certified Medical Office Manager" series to begin on Friday, March 4, 2016 and last for five consecutive Fridays. The address is: 8520 Cliff Cameron Drive Suite 150 Charlotte, NC. Class time will be 9-4. This series is invaluable to anyone who wants to invest in becoming a...
  41. R

    ATTN: CHARLOTTE NC and surrounding areas *CMOM*

    Hello: I am hosting a Certified Medical Office Manager" series to begin on Friday, March 4, 2016 and last for five consecutive Fridays. The address is: 8520 Cliff Cameron Drive Suite 150 Charlotte, NC. Class time will be 9-4. This series is invaluable to anyone who wants to invest in...
  42. A

    Intake and Output

    Where would you count Intake and Output? Would this be counted in ROS or Exam?
  43. S

    Gyn Wellness exams

    If anyone could clear up an issue with the coding a GYN Annual exam, Z01.419/11 and a general annual exam, Z00.00 at the same time. In GYN/OB would one ever code both. Or are you suppose to code both or not. So confused on this. Is there written guidelines anywhere for proof on this issue? Jeanne
  44. B

    Exam documentation - I know that VS can be counted as constitutional

    Hello everyone, I code E/M for ED providers, and I have a question about exam documentation. Occasionally, for whatever reason, the exam portion of our notes will be blank, with the exception of the vital signs. I know that VS can be counted as constitutional, but is that a billable service...
  45. D

    Coding an annual wellness exam for Medicare patient and the Pap smear

    There is a discussion in our office about billing for Pap Smear on a Medicare pt. There is a problem in understanding the Medicare preventative coding of a Pap Smear. We received many denials recently because we were billing the 88175 with codes Z01.411 or Z01.419. They were denied due to the...
  46. A

    Cpc exam

    Any professional coders that actually passed that exam that can give me advice on how it feels to be coding in the field i would really like to know
  47. M

    Exam components - constititutional must it be relevant to CC?

    I work for a dermatology office. The physicians usually assess the patient's general appearance- "Patient appears well nourished, developed, stated age and not in apparent distress". For the exam portion under 97 guidelines we count that as "constitutional" bullet. One of our coders went to...
  48. V

    Z01.00 vs Z01.01

    I am curious if anyone is having trouble getting Z01.01 processed as a routine visit. For example, patient schedules yearly exam. During exam all findings are normal accept the patient mentions that they occasionally have headaches or dry eye. We are using 92xxx CPT codes and use Z01.01 as the...
  49. J

    Dopamine Challenge

    Hi, I'm covering for our Neurology coder....... One of our providers have asked me how should she bill for a dopamine challenge. I've looked high and low to see if there was anything out there about how other practices are coding this. To my understanding, the patient comes in without taking...
  50. E

    Annual GYN Exam no pap

    If a patient comes in for annual gyn exam not including a pap(just a breast and pelvic exam). Should the preventative medicine code be used? If not what cpt code do we bill? I am thinking the preventative as it is just preventative. The provider is saying no and is concerned that the patients...