1. M

    E/M Specialty Certification Question

    I am preparing to take the E/M Specialty Certification. On the list of approved manuals, along with the usual AMA CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS ll, I'm allowed to bring the '95 & '97 CMS DG's, audit worksheet & also: Optional References: One reference of your choice Does anyone have any suggestions on...
  2. A


    Need ICD10 code for 793.99 used in past - for GYN exam of special needs pt - that can't tolerate pelvic exam - Need ICD10 code for basic GYN U/S.
  3. A

    CPC Exam 2016

    I am Studying for the exam But if anyone Out there could give me pointers or help me study that would very helpful because i really want to become a coder My name is Amin my contact number is 9145729326 I am in NY if anyone out there would like to study together or like i said just reach me or...
  4. D

    Coding for screening exam

    I work for an ophthalmologist and I have a patient who presented for "routine" exam, but has family history of glaucoma. (VISIT WAS JULY 2015 SO ICD-9!) Patient has enlarged cup to disc ratio and as such is considered "glaucoma suspect". What is the best way to code this exam so that Aetna will...
  5. kfrycpc

    Determining A Consult Level

    Hi all, I'm a little confused when it comes to determine the level for a consult and also for inpatient. For a consult, I know 3 of 3 have to be met. If you have a C History , C Exam and H MDM, what would the level be? For an inpatient, I know 3 of 3 must be met. But if they are not, and say...
  6. K

    ICD-10 Certification Question

    I apologize if someone has already asked this question but I have noticed that anyone who had their coding certification prior to the implementation of ICD-10 was also required to get a separate ICD-10 certification. Is that still the case with those taking their coding ceritification exam in...
  7. M

    Coding & ROS

    I have a question on whether you can use elements from ROS for your exam components? For example, the documentation has 12 elements in ROS and there are only 7 elements in the EXAM component - can you use elements from ROS in the EXAM component to get a comprehensive level? I was always taught...
  8. A

    No exam done, can E&M be billed???

    If my physician is seeing an established patient and no physical exam is done, can I charge an E&M visit? I have read in a couple places that even though you only have to have 2 of the 3, if an exam is not done, it's not considered a visit. When patient's come back for MRI results, the physician...
  9. R

    Need assistance on ER leveling.

    Case #1.. Patient came in with final DX of strain of muscle/fascia on lower back. Complete HPI, ROS and Exam. physician did x-ray and prescribed Norco q6 PRN. (not admitted) They recommend 99284 code , as I was thinking it was just 99282 or 99283? Case#2.. Final Dx: Contusion Left Hip...
  10. C

    New CPC-A looking for employment

    I passed the cpc exam in December and have been actively looking for employment and I must say I am feeling disappointed in all the coding jobs I see. They all want 2+ years experience and how are we supposed to get any experience if no one will hire us? I've applied to probably 18 jobs in the...
  11. W

    aapc certificate

    I recently got passed in cpc exam with 73% ,the exam was held on Dec 26th 2015. I am eagerly waiting for my certificate so that I can try for job. Can you please kindly let me know when and how will I recieve my certificate???.
  12. A

    Cascc exam

    I Tried so hard on the exam and still failed. Can any one here give me some advise of how or what need to study in order to pass the exam? Thank you!
  13. D

    CGSC exam, how to know bundling w/o electronic devices

    Hello! For those who have taken the CGSC exam - how do you know when procedures are bundled, Category 1, Category 2 codes, etc., when you are not allowed to use any electronic devices? In our day to day coding jobs you cannot survive without Encoder, CMS website, etc. So, how did you memorize...
  14. C

    Auditing form / Ophthalmology E&M assistance

    Any ideas where I can find an auditing form that can be easy to utilize for the eye exam? Thanks,
  15. M

    Cpc exam - grading status

    Waiting for my results it's in grading status.
  16. S

    Cpt and icd.10 book suggestions please

    It is time to buy 2016 CPT and ICD.10 books. I am hoping for a little advice on this. I will be taking my CPC with these books as well as coding and billing at my job. I want to make sure before I purchase that these books will help me in both areas. Also, regarding the exam...Has anyone heard...
  17. C

    Wiki 2016 CPC Exam

    Hello and Happy New Year! I'm sitting for the CPC Exam on April 9 2016! I have my RCC and my ICD 10 proficiency credential and ive been coding for 7 years. I have a few co-workers who are not coders that took the exam and passed and gave me the following tips: study the guidelines in the...
  18. N

    Retaking cpc exam

    Hello everyone! Can someone help me if possible. I went to school for ICD-10 and I took the CPC exam in December unsuccessfully. For the retake should I reorder a new study guide or are they fairly similar even though the diagnosis are 10's now???
  19. V

    CPC exam 2016

    I am taking my initial CPC cert exam soon and I do not know what manuals to use for 2015 or 2016 editions? ICD-9 or ICD-10? I am new to this arena and understand that the ICD-10 is now in place of the ICD-9 correct? Thanks in advance.
  20. D

    Certification Exams as of Jan 1, 2016

    Good evening, Can anyone tell me how the exams are going to be as of Jan 1? Will there still be the multiple choice or will the format of the exam change due to the implementation of ICD-10? Thanks so much! Devon
  21. O

    CIC Exam Prep help!! :)

    So I am taking my CIC certification exam Wednesday and am so worried about passing. Anyone take this exam and pass fairly easliy. Any helpful hints, tips, etc..... I need as much help as possible I'm sure!! All advice is appreciated. Thank you
  22. V

    Exam Prep Helpful Tips/Advice

    I am preparing to take my first CPC exam soon and would like helpful advice on taking this exam.
  23. D

    CPMA exam

    Does anyone know the pass to fail rate percentage for CPMA exam? I test 12/19. thank you in advance
  24. K

    CRC Exam

    Has anyone taken the exam? What was your experience?
  25. K

    Abbreviations help for exam portion of E&M

    Does anyone out there know if there is someplace where there is a "most popular" list of abbreviations Dr's use when they are doing their office notes. I am talking about things like HSM, PERRLE, EOMI (I have these already). Is there even a "standard" that the docs should be using? Thanks...
  26. D

    EPF vs Detailed vs Comprehensive Exam

    Having trouble coding this case and need clarification on the exam part. The patient came in for recheck of the ears (seen 14 days earlier). During the exam, the physician reviews 5 body areas (neck, chest, abdomen, back and extremities) and 6 organ systems (eyes, ears/nose/throat/mouth, lungs...
  27. Stefanie

    ROS Question and Exam Bullet Question

    Our clinic uses strictly 1997 Guidelines.. ROS: 1. Does anyone use "ALLERGIES; Sulfa" or "NKDA" as a ROS? EXAM: 2. Provider states: "Patient is alert and oriented x3", is there anyway to justify using "alert" as a bullet in pysch? I know that oriented x3 is one, but when you only need one more...
  28. M

    Certified Obstetrics Gynecology Coder

    Has anyone taken this speciality exam? I have been coding OB/GYN since 2005 and I love it. I don't know anyone personally with this credential. I appreciate any and all info I receive. Have a great day! :)
  29. M

    1997 exam bullets

    I have an exam portion I need suggestions on with 1997 guidlines...... "WDWN. N nails and hair. Itchy, dry, erythematous and scaly rash on the left elbow and left knee. No rashes noted on R elbow, R knee, chest, and back." I am thinking only one bullet under the skin section section. However...