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Little Rock, Arkanas
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Hello everyone! Can someone help me if possible. I went to school for ICD-10 and I took the CPC exam in December unsuccessfully. For the retake should I reorder a new study guide or are they fairly similar even though the diagnosis are 10's now???
Consider taking the blitz course through instead of the study guide. I know it's more expensive but might be more helpful. CPT 2016 book will be needed either way
Practice test

You need to buy ALL 3 Practice Exams!! Believe me! I failed it 3 times! Until I bit the bullet and bought all 3 Practice Exams, I failed over and over. However, if your problem is only with the ICD then, yes, just buy a new study guide with the ICD10 in it. But if you failed in other areas I suggest the Practice Exams. Good Luck!
Blitz course is great. I took the full coding course through them and was running out of time so skipped to Blitz to get most of what I needed for the test. That and several timed practice exams. Get yourself to 85% on those and should be good. I was getting upper 80's on practice tests and only got a 78% on the real exam due to exam jitters.