1. E

    Wiki TCM Confusion

    For TCM, our Care Manager is under the impression that if a patient is seen within 48 hours of their discharge, we do NOT need to make a phone call prior to the TCM since their appointment is within those 2 business days. Is this accurate or does she still need to call the patient for the...
  2. N

    Wiki Unrelated E/M with procedure

    Hi, general question... Is it appropriate to bill an E/M -25 when its unrelated to the primary procedure on every visit? It's not bundled due to both codes being unrelated. For example, patient comes in for debridement 11042 on right ankle, but provider treats edema in another area which is new...
  3. 5

    Wiki SP surgery with 90 day global-follow up visit inpt is a inpt, had surgery, was seen in follow up visits for multi days - nothing out of the ordinary, just following up from the surgery. the surgery has a 90 day global. I feel its a 99024, but another coder in our office feels we can bill out a follow up visit. Can someone help...
  4. M

    Wiki Initial vs. subsequent encounter

    Sometimes we see patients from the ER for follow-up wound care. For example a patient got stitches and bandages at the ER for an arm laceration, then was seen by us a few days later for a wound check and bandage change. Is this a subsequent encounter since the patient initially got care at the...
  5. M

    Wiki Code for levated BP no longer present.

    Code for elevated BP no longer present. Our provider saw a patient with elevated blood pressure without diagnosis of hypertension. At the follow-up visit the patient's BP was back to normal. What diagnosis code is used for the follow-up? I can't find any personal history codes related to...
  6. A

    Wiki What code to use after 90972 for follow-up services with same doctor

    I am seeking guidance on which code to use the day(s) after 90792 for a follow-up with the same doctor that did the 90792. We were once instructed to use 90791 for the follow-up and now that I've helped my supervisor to understand that this is not appropriate, I'm having a hard time figuring out...
  7. J

    Wiki Z00.00 for every follow up

    Hi, I work at a clinic and there are a couple of providers that, during a follow-up appointment, will review that vaccines, basic labs and screenings are up to date, and document it similar to this: Adult health examination - Basic labs: 11/6/17 Colonoscopy: 2/2014, 2 polyps and mild...
  8. baroquecoder

    Wiki Recurring Periodic F/U visits for Resolved Conditions

    chief complaint; follow-up. Can a cardiologist continue to report a resolved I48.91 at every subsequent visit, complete with EKG of course, even though patient is asymptomatic? How about the extent to which they can report CAD I25.10 whereby the patient was treated and is asymptomatic now?
  9. M

    Wiki Fracture Care followup specifics

    I've clashed w/my boss on the specifics of whether or not followup X-rays are included in the followup 90 day global for this radius w/ulnar fracture w/closed treatment, I'm using code 25560, no manipulation, with casting. Need to know if the followup x-rays can be billed separately (please...
  10. A

    Wiki Z code followup after orthopedic care treatment is

    Patient comes in for follow up no complaints for Total knee replacement. It has been almost a year. I think you use dx Z09 for the visit the problem he performs x-rays on the knee. I stumped on what dx code can I pair with x-ray Do I take previous dx from older notes? 73560 ? 73565...