1. G

    Colonoscopy Consults

    Help Please, We are struggling with finding information regarding colonoscopy consults. We are aware CMS does not allow, however there is never any discussion around a consult not performed on the same day as the procedure. For example: Patients PCP deems it time for patient to have a colo...
  2. C

    Sequencing. Help! actually just HELP!!!

    I had a bill kicked back from Aetna for dx codes. I have PSC as my primary and the doc wanted this attached with liver transplant recipient, as well as UC and jaundice. I only have 4 dx available to me with the current system. I keep finding that I want to code T86.49- other complication of...
  3. ronaldgfell

    Need Definitive Answer to when to post procedure

    Hello to those Gastro Coder/billers... I have been coding Gastroenterology claims for EGD's/Colonoscopy's and also Impedance Monitoring, Esophageal Monitoring, Esophageal Function Tests, Antrodudenal Gastric Manometry, Duodenal Manometry, and Colonic Manometry. It seems the coder/biller prior...
  4. V

    Lawrenceville, GA Gastro Coding position available

    Looking for experienced Gastro coding and experienced Billing CPC. Gastroenterology coding, full time, well established practice near Gwinnett Medical Center
  5. O

    36589 without guidewire

    I have a surgeon who removed a dialysis catheter by simply removing cuff and pulling out the line (that is the documentation). Put pressure on for 10 min and bandaged. Coder assigned 36589 which I think is incorrect. I hesitate to reduce with /52. My initial instinct is to use an E/M code...