hipaa complaint

  1. KStaten

    Wiki Medical History in Workers' Compensation Reports

    It is to my understanding that there SHOULD be a separate patient account created for patients with workers' compensation, but that is not a requirement. (A separate account makes the most sense to me.) However, if a separate account is not created, some EMR systems pull all medical history...
  2. S

    Wiki Emailing documents

    We are a billing company for quite a few offices in the area. Patients sometimes ask us to email their invoice/bill, but we don't have secure email. When we take credit card payments, the site we use for those has the option to email receipts but they sometimes would like the bill as well. If...
  3. M

    Wiki Hipaa complaint

    Can anyone direct me on the rules and regulations for hipaa guidelines on a work area for a biller/coder?? I can't seem to find the verbiage I'm needing.