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  1. ronaldgfell

    Need Definitive Answer to when to post procedure

    Hello to those Gastro Coder/billers... I have been coding Gastroenterology claims for EGD's/Colonoscopy's and also Impedance Monitoring, Esophageal Monitoring, Esophageal Function Tests, Antrodudenal Gastric Manometry, Duodenal Manometry, and Colonic Manometry. It seems the coder/biller prior...
  2. L

    When and How to Code Current and Past Cancer Diagnoses

    Question: How often should cancer diagnosis be reported? Is it to be reported on ALL procedures following the active diagnosis of cancer? Example: If a patient has active cancer, but they are getting bloodwork/EKG/Urinalysis for a condition NOT RELATED to their cancer diagnosis, is cancer...