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How often should cancer diagnosis be reported? Is it to be reported on ALL procedures following the active diagnosis of cancer?

Example: If a patient has active cancer, but they are getting bloodwork/EKG/Urinalysis for a condition NOT RELATED to their cancer diagnosis,
is cancer still to be reported?

Example: If patient has a history of cancer, but no active cancer, on what procedures is the history of cancer to be reported? Just office visits?

Basically, my office is questioning whether the cancer diagnosis is to be reported on EVERYTHING even if the procedure is not currently related to cancer.

Is an active case of cancer still to be reported with a wellness visit if the cancer was found prior to the wellness visit? If so, how?

Any help is appreciated!!
If treatment is unrelated to the neoplasm it would come before any neoplasm codes. In regards to reporting as a secondary dx, its treated no different than any other coexisting condition.

From ICD-10-CM guidelines Section IV.J

Code all documented conditions that coexist at the time of the encounter/visit, and require or affect patient care treatment or management. Do not code conditions that were previously treated and no longer exist. However, history codes (categories Z80-Z87) may be used as secondary codes if the historical condition or family history has an impact on current care or influences treatment.
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