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    Wiki Home made remedies dx

    Patient came in to urgent care due to left LE swollen ankle because of a home made garlic recipe for ring worm. She left the minced garlic on all night and it burned her skin. Provider states the burn "lesion is to the left posterior calf, minimal redness, but present surrounding area no...
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    Wiki 81002 vs 81003

    Hi, I am just a little confused on the difference between non-automated and automated. Can anyone help me understand? Thanks, Linsey
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    Wiki Sequencing

    I just want to clarify something because I'm not sure if this is the correct thing to do. I work for a specialty (cardiology) and I was told by someone higher up to only code that specialty dx's. However, sometimes a pt has renal failure or resp failure which does attribute to why the pt is...
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    Wiki Correct coding of PVD, DM, and Arteriosclerosis

    What is the correct coding for DM, PVD, and Arteriosclerosis? Can we code the Arteriosclerosis of extremity with claudication when we see Arteriosclerosis and PVD or would the provider have to specifically state claudication since it’s a symptom?
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    Wiki Denials from medicaid

    Hello, I have run into an issue with Medicaid stating that 1) L21.0 has an age limit. This I don't understand because this is a code for Dandruff and anyone can get dandruff at any age? However there are no other appropriate codes to assign to this patient from the medical record. 2)...
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    Wiki Z79.02

    Dear Team, I need your advise on the below query. Patient has come for hematuria and has history of stroke. He has been using plavix for his stroke history but for today's visit, doctor has told the patient to stop using Plavix. Should we code for stroke history? if Yes should we code this...
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    Wiki Lipid Keratopathy

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to code a diagnosis of Lipid Keratopathy, but I have found three different options that I can use. Has anyone had to code this before, and if so, which did you use? I have listed the codes and definitions down lower, and I would love to know what everyone thinks. Of...
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    Wiki I want to apprentice under hospital coder

    Hi! I live in Orange County, CA. I've really been wanting to become a stronger coder and I would love to sit and learn from a hospital coder. I'd love to work for a hospital but they require so many years under the belt. I'm willing to pick up the workload for free in exchange for an extended...
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    Wiki DSMV crossover to ICD10 Help!

    Hello all, I am having trouble choosing the appropriate ICD10 code for the following DSMV: Major Neurocognitive Disorder due to Traumatic Brain Injury, with behavioral disturbance. Any suggestions? The closest I can find is F02.81, but that lists dementia and the provider does not like this...
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    Wiki Post-Term Pregnancy DX

    There seems to be a debate here in my office about the use of O48.0 for post-term. If the record indicates that the patient is 40/3, they are wanting to use that code. I am reading the definition of that code as "Pregnancy over 40 COMPLETED weeks to 42 completed weeks". Meaning the patient has...
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    Wiki Car Accident, patient went through windshield

    Hello all today at work I had a claim for a patient that was in a car accident, and went through the windshield. This had me thinking what external cause code to use for this. My thoughts were: W22.8XXA - Striking against other object, initial encounter. W25.XXXA - Contact with sharp glass...
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    Wiki Uncontrolled Diabetes in ICD10-Coding Clinic

    Hello All. Having this discussion with a coding vendor and there is some confusion. When ICD-10 came out a big change was that Uncontrolled Diabetes was coded as E1165 Diabetes with hyperglycemia rather than E119. This Coding Clinic determination was pointed out to me and I'm having a hard time...
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    Wiki ICD10 for 27279

    I am trying to bill 27279 to Medicare but my EMR system is saying all the ICD10 codes I put in do not prove medical necessity. I have tried every sacroiliac code there is besides fracture because the patient does not have a fracture they have sacroiliitis. Does anyone have any clue if this...
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    Wiki Z code sequencing

    Hello, I'm a coder for a diagnostic lab facility that specializes in cardiovascular and endocrine disease prevention. On our test requisition forms physicians are required to check off codes we have listed as indicators, or they may write in codes that are not pre listed on the form. I am only...
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    Wiki ICD 10 FOR "Diabetic Foot"

    What would be the ICD 10 code for "Diabetic foot?" That's the specific wording given by the provider. No mention of neuropathy or ulcers or anything like that. Help!
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    Wiki ICD10 for antenatal screening labs for Medicare and Dept of Veterans Affairs

    Has anyone found a workable ICD10 for billing the antenatal screening labs when billing Medicare and the VA? They are denying our Z36 (which we thought would be the equivalent of V28.89 which they used to pay). The new Medicare NCD only shows the Non-covered ICD10 lists and does not provide...
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    Wiki Pannus C1-2

    Does anyone know the correct ICD10 code for C1-2 pannus?
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    Wiki Adjacent Segmental Dysfunction

    Can anyone give me their thoughts for the most accurate ICD10 code for Cervical Adjacent Segmental Dysfunction? Thanks
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    Wiki I10 for CPT 70030

    Good morning, What ICD10 are you using for CPT 70030 to rule out metal in the eyes prior to MRI? I was looking at Z13.5.
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    Wiki Billing 59425/59426 with Dates of both ICD9 and ICD10

    I am getting denials from specifically BCBS when billing the 59425/59426 with dates starting in ICD9 and ending in ICD10. They are telling us that we need to split the claim according to ICD9/10, but no other direction. So far this is the only carrier not accepting a single line of 59425/59426...
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    Wiki new to Path question on Icd10 Z codes

    I haven't coded path since ICD10 was implemented. I don't have a ICD10 Lab book. Question: When coding and billing for any drug test for pain management is there a guideline that you have to have an encounter code or Z code billed? To add to that is there any guideline to any other ICD10 code...
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    Wiki 793.99

    Need ICD10 code for 793.99 used in past - for GYN exam of special needs pt - that can't tolerate pelvic exam - Need ICD10 code for basic GYN U/S.
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    Wiki RSV only - ICD10 code

    We recently have received insurance denials when billing RSV (code B97.4) as the only diagnosis. I have not been able to find another ICD10 code for RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). Since we are a pediatrician's office, we have a lot of patients that are seen and treated for this condition...
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    Wiki ICD10 Proficiency Assessment-I am trying

    I am trying to find out if the questions are multiple choice or are they operative reports? I passed my CPC in Dec 2015 and am trying to study for the ICD10. Purchased the study guide from AAPC and it has 100 operative reports to code. I appreciate any help you can give me.
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    Wiki Distal Fibular Fracture ICD10

    there is a discussion re: distal fibular fracture ICD10 coding. Pt has a fx repaired of distal fibula. Fx is not in the Fibula shaft. Radiology report and provider's report just states "distal fibula" fx. Is this enough to use the lateral malleous fx ICD10? From an anatomical standing, it seems...
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    Wiki icd10 code F05

    Provider documented 'patient is acutely delirious, etiology unclear'. ICD10 code is F05, delirium, unknown etiology. Tabular section of ICD10 instructs to code first the underlying physiological condition. At this time, condition is unknown. What do I use for the primary diagnosis? I think...
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    Wiki ICD10 change/addendums

    We have instances where a doctor picks an incorrect code (perhaps wrong laterality or not specific enough) in the patient's EMR. When we file the claim, we use the correct ICD10 code. Does the doctor have to do an addendum, noting the correct ICD10 code? We of course match the code to his...
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    Wiki Influenza A and B positive result

    Should we code J09.x2 for influenza A (w/resp. manifestion), then separately report influenza B (w/respiratory manifestation) with code J01.1? There is no specific code for influenza B that I can find in my ICD10 book. This patient was diagnosed with both types. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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    Wiki HELP.... Coding Question

    I have 2 procedures that started out as arthroscopic and converted to open. ICD9 had a conversion code that I could use to show that it went to an open case. Not seeing conversion code in ICD10. If there is no code available I was thinking of just coding the open first then arthroscopic as I...
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    Wiki Is a modifier required for a shoulder injection when the ICD10 code is lateral?

    I was just informed by an auditor that I was missing the RT modifier attached to the 20610 but I'm not sure if this is right or not. The DX is M75.41 impingement syndrome of right shoulder. If the ICD10 clearly specifies which shoulder, I did not think a modifier was required. Anyone know the...