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    Wiki Why was I marked wrong? (Practicode Case ID: OPD7203)

    The documentation: How do we know that the MCV4 0.5 mL IM vaccine refers to 90619 specifically? Also, why should we report 90461 (two units)?
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    Wiki Nevada Medicaid Denials

    I am new to medical billing. I work in a public health clinic and we bill for immunizations primarily. The claims were first denied because our provider wasn't linked to our Medicaid group. After that was fixed I did a little research and I now know that Medicaid will not cover the vaccines...
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    Wiki Pediatric Vaccines with Flu

    Hi All, When billing pediatric vaccines, I am aware that you have to bill by component. Our clinic offers a flu shot at a discounted price for every flu season. The flu discount is cheaper than our regular administration charges. For example, let's say that our flu shot is $30 (we charge...
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    Wiki vaccine counseling documentation

    Can anyone tell me if this documentation is sufficient for billing 90460 imm admin w/ counseling? HIB vaccine 90648 Counseling by: providers name MD It doesn't seem sufficient to me but the people I work with feel it is.
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    Wiki Foreign Travel Vaccines

    I work in a Health Dept that administers foreign travel vaccines. We currently use Z23 on all our vaccines. As usual with FT Vaccines we get a ton a insurance denials. Of course it was asked from our "uppers" that I research to see if there is another vaccine code to use for Typhoid or Yellow...
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    Wiki Travel Consultation ICD-10 Code

    Does anyone know which ICD 10 code works best for a travel consultation, and has actually received payment for it. We will be using Z23 for the immunizations, but would like to use a more defined code for the consultation CPT code 99211 that we will be using.
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    Wiki E/M Leveling

    When coding for outpatient physician visits do i consider the diagnosis Z23-incounter for immunization as a diagnosis for the overall leveling of the e/m code??
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    Wiki HUMANA VS Well visits and immunizations

    Help, I have tried speaking with customer service and have now had to send a request to high up contacts. Has anyone noticed that Humana stopped paying for the Well visit when the patients have immunizations. They can give me no information on this. I've ran the codes and they do receive any...
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    Wiki Immunizations & Injections

    Does anyone have a good procedure for coding nurse visits for immunizations and other injections? I work at an FQHC and there are several people here with different approaches to handling the documentation and coding of such visits... Thanks for any suggestions you can provide!
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    Wiki Dreaded Vaccine Discussion

    Ok, so we are trying to make sure that we are coding correctly for Vaccines. We've just opened and never done this before. My main question is about administation fees. What do you bill if the patient is over 8 and is counseled on a vaccinations risk, etc? Also, what is different about billing...