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I work in a Health Dept that administers foreign travel vaccines. We currently use Z23 on all our vaccines. As usual with FT Vaccines we get a ton a insurance denials. Of course it was asked from our "uppers" that I research to see if there is another vaccine code to use for Typhoid or Yellow Fever vaccines. Everything I have read and search has said Z23 however I didn't have my code book in front of me so I googled it. The WHO (world health organization) has a website that says z23.1 is need for immunization against typhoid. I cant find that code in my code book though. Anyone have advice on this? is the WHO for the whole world coding and are we right using Z23 for all immunizations?

The US uses their own version ("CM") of the original ICD-10 code set created and published by the WHO, so Z23 is our code for immunization administration.